Day 2: A summary.

Matthew Collins - 01 11 11
Patrick Harrington (front)

Patrick Harrington (front)

As day two at the employment tribunal draws to an end, I’ll try and give a very brief summary of today’s proceedings before something a little longer later..

As earlier reported, Mrs and Mrs Patrick Harrington turned up at the hearing in what can only be described as a foul mood. I can only guess that they were a little perturbed to see the front page of the Belfast Telegraph this morning.

First up to give evidence was Angus Matthys, son in law of Nick Griffin and married to Griffin’s eldest daughter Jennifer.

Angus sounds like he struggled to get dressed on his own, never mind give evidence in a complicated employment tribunal. To say he struggled would perhaps be an understatement. How he keeps his job must be a mystery to even himself.

Matthys claimed his wife refused to attend the tribunal as she felt intimidated due to the fact the couple had been run off the road in Cumbria and blackmailed. The intimation is of course that this is the work of alleged Northern Irish “Loyalists”.

Next up was the rather odd Ian Kitchen. The former Yorkshire organiser who had to stand down after we revealed his wife Linda was a “Granny Porn” star cut an angry witness before the tribunal panel, reacting rather badly under cross examination when he was labelled a liar.

Adam Walker was next to give evidence. Walker seemed to struggle with filling in the gaping holes in the BNP’s story.

One question everyone seems to be asking is where is James Dowson?

Dowson, the one time consigliere to Nick Griffin would lend weight to his sister in law Marion Thomas’s case against the BNP.

Has Dowson and Griffin agreed before the tribunal not to have a “face off” ?

The case should conclude tomorrow.


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