All hail say-nothing Simon

Matthew Collins - 03 11 11

Former BNP Deputy Fuhrer and also former treasurer Simon Darby, spends most of his time whining on his blog these days about what a hard time the BNP has. The Marxist BBC, the terrible Trots, the tyrannical Tories, Muslims, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

He is nothing if not ingenious however. After the rather public shellacking the BNP took at the hands of the BBC’s investigation into his party’s sordid financial affairs last month, he must have been about the only person in the country who thought that the best way to respond to the Beeb was for people to throw more money at the BNP.

Perhaps Simon is the BNP’s ideas man as well as its monotone spokesperson? “I need a little help from a couple of volunteers to test a new lottery syndicate system I am setting up” he boldly stated today.

“With the name “Half to the Party” this syndicate needs little explanation as to what it is setting out to achieve” he continued. Only half? Bloody hell, I know current treasurer Clive Jefferson allegedly charges £200 when he is inconvenienced ( so what will happen to the other half?

Well, it’s not going to go to the many, many people that are facing Christmas on the dole because the great British National Party didn’t pay their British employers for services, is it? Nooooooo. They’re almost totally forgotten about. In fact “collective amnesia” is one way to describe how the BNP deals with news about the BNP.

There’s been not a word from the BNP about the recent shenanigans at the Northern Ireland employment tribunal, and rightly so. Something so dark, so rotten on such a public display just would not do.

No word from the BNP either on the case of its “European Researcher” Mark Walker, and his own tribunal result (here: ). Not a word. Nothing, nowt, nada. Not even from Simon Darby, the BNP’s very own “naturist”. He constantly warbles on and on about wildlife in his back garden, but in this case he couldn’t even raise a Dicky bird.

Instead, still on the theme of his “half for the party” lottery idea, Simon is making some of those enormous plans that probably got the BNP into strife in the first place. ” If we have a touch on the HFTP syndicate maybe I can book a suite at the Dorchester” he writes. So it’s going to be a case of winter in a palace for Simon (if he can get a “touch” from the party lottery) and potentially a winter in a blanket for those who took a gamble on doing business with the BNP. Many of those poor creditors will probably feel they’ve played a losing game of Russian Roulette with the BNP.

Elsewhere on Simon’s dynamic daily diatribe, he lauds the great English diet, one of his favourite topics. Hardly a day goes by that Simon doesn’t offer us the opportunity to inspect his low budget palate. And surprise, surprise, his goods often come from Tescos. (What is it with the BNP and Tescos? )

Simon then goes on to commend his favourite foods to the world, in particular those who are “lagging behind us English”. However, I do detect a bottle of Australian red among Simon’s recommendations. But that’s not where his geographical or perhaps Imperialist confusion ends. In particular, he recommends his “English diet” to “Scots, Welsh, Ulstermen and Irish“.

Whether it’s his ignorance of geography and history I have no idea. Perhaps it is just more of that BNP arrogance. Right across the nine counties of Ulster, the overwhelming majority of “Ulstermen” (and women) are already Irish.

And while we’re at it, if anyone wants to let us know what happned to that car that the BNP “rafflling off” you can put your answers on a postcard..

Simon Darby: He makes people want to salute him

Simon Darby: He makes people want to salute him


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