Griffin’s Dog Day Afternoon

Matthew Collins - 16 11 11
BNP and CXF: Simon Darby and Michael Rafferty

BNP and CXF: Simon Darby and Michael Rafferty

Hardly a year goes by when some kind of far-right extremist does not disgrace themselves on Remembrance Day.

For the last few years, the annual solemn and dignified moment of pause for reflection has turned into a circus of poppy burners versus the would-be book burners. Both sides, with their vile and mutual expediency do little more in reality than a brisk dance on the graves and memories of the dead in a vain bid to show their own dwindling constituents that their seemingly unquenchable thirst for attention continues even in the face of all human decency.

The BNP has long soiled the day by turning up in their suits to rub shoulders with civil society at ceremonies across the country, pretending but fooling nobody, that they are somehow the inheritors of something other than the actual mantle of hatred, self-denial and genocide which brings many people to remember the fallen. It is in the celebration of that Nazism and a celebration of genocide that the BNP was in truth formed.

This year, in a race to the bottom to rub shoulders with the imbecilic poppy-burning Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), Nick Griffin’s BNP tried to steal a leap on their moronic rivals in the English Defence League by camping out overnight in London to “protect the poppy” from the MAC. They did this knowing that no member of the rival EDL could be awake all night and not be in either a prison cell or a pub.

The EDL, short on publicity for a few hours since the “Little & Large” show of Kevin and Tommy on a roof in Zurich a couple of days before, appointed themselves instead of saviours of the poppy, as the saviours of the city of London instead. They made threats and very real plans to attack the “Occupy” camp outside of St Pauls Cathedral on Remembrance Day. Over 170 of the drunken idiots made an attempt to execute that plan too.

Across town, not only was Nick Griffin rubbing shoulders with failed drug smugglers as the BNP served up bacon sandwiches (what possibly else could they offer?) to disinterested passers by, his party also played host to self-styled paramilitaries, people smugglers and mercenaries.

The “Combined ex-Forces” (CXF), are a bizarre EDL off-shoot of rag tag far-right extremists whose leader Michael Rafferty brags of having guns and snipers that they are willing to use against police officers. Rafferty even issued an internet warning that they were “comming to London” (sic), with their “riot trained officers” for some kind of clash. Perhaps the police did not take the threat from Rafferty to the Prime Minister seriously, because Rafferty could not even spell David Cameron’s name correctly, writing “Mr Camoron (sic) … trust me cunt i (sic) am comming (sic) for you..” The group were later swooped upon by police and searched for weapons.

Griffin will no doubt say that he and his BNP were unaware of who exactly the CXF are. It’s common when his party is faced by drug dealers, paedophiles, rapists and terrorists in their midst to deny all knowledge and responsibility. Well Mr Griffin, what do you do when a group of men in (illegal) paramilitary uniforms with pictures of guns emblazoned on their backs turn up at your desperately flailing demonstration? You give them a bacon sandwich, obviously.

No wonder Simon Darby was harassing the students from UCLU with their cameras.

When you lie down with dogs, you will always get up with fleas. Threats to kill a Prime Minister are always taken seriously.

Intent: Not all politicians are obviously at risk.

Intent: Not all politicians are obviously at risk.


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