Christmas blues come early

Matthew Collins - 17 11 11

It would seem that not just BNP party central is running out of funds. Having been bled dry by head office, a number of their local branches are pleading extreme poverty too. Some are just suffering from a total lack of interest..

Spare a thought for the North East region. There may be some snow up there this Christmas time, but not a lot of cheer to go with it. Having previously been the most infamous of all BNP branches (just nudging out Barking and Dagenham) for festive boozing and brawling, some idiot has forgotten to book this year’s collective Yuletide yawn. And the natives are not happy..

Martin Vaughan normally organises the party for the North East but this year he has not bothered, due to “lack of interest”. Some of us find that hard to believe. What with the Walker brothers being a constant source of local entertainment, I was certain that almost every local journalist and housewife would be positively queuing up. Apparently not, even the Regional Organiser already has somewhere else to go. Probably anywhere.

For some, this has spoiled Christmas beyond repair. Natasha Malley and her mum, for one. They might not get out much because according to Natasha’s mum “a disco keeps everybodies (sic) interest in the party going”. Yes it does, just by adding alcohol there is often a national newspaper interest in the region’s shenanigans.

Don’t even mention Christmas to Yorkshire BNP. What they need is an ideas man or woman with some urgency. Serial super-brain Danny Cooke has just launched an on-line appeal for postage stamps. He needs £38 worth of stamps so that he can post out an appeal for funds. Did he never hear the song that goes “There’s a hole in the bucket”?

Still, any BNP members who do have a spare bit of cash floating around at the moment may want to pick themselves up a bit of political history. A certain motor car that was once the property of an MEP is up for grabs at a very reasonable price. That’s right, Griffin’s repossessed Skoda goes under the hammer on the 8th December. One very careless previous owner..

As is the case with almost every BNP humiliation, there often follows a rank hypocrisy. Pete Molloy of the BNP had himself photographed outside the sitting MP’s office in Spennymoor, County Durham today. Little Pete was handing in a petition demanding ‘Local jobs for local people’. Molloy, who has moved to the area from Liverpool is the prospective BNP candidate for the Tudhoe ward in Spennymoor, presumably at the expense of people who were born and bred there.

But never mind ‘Local jobs for local people’, how about the BNP actually paying the thousands of pounds it owes to British businesses? Let’s not forget with Christmas approaching, that there are people on the dole because of how much money the BNP still has not paid their employers.

Griffin: Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Griffin: Dreaming of a white Christmas?


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