The sickest of all opportunities

Matthew Collins - 25 11 11
Shameless: Griffin defiles the memories of men and women braver than him.

Shameless: Griffin defiles the memories of men and women braver than him.

Nick Griffin cannot wait for the 400th British soldier to die in Afghanistan.

He’s already asking for people to give thought to the sort of demonstration that his party of race haters, alcoholics, wannabe terrorists, potential paedophiles and wife beaters can hold when or if such an event happens.

Never one to miss an opportunity to “cash-in” on Britain’s military, it does not take long for people to see through the true sickness of Griffin and his party.

Whether it is trying to make gain from homeless British ex-servicemen and women or even sending a party official to kow- tow to Japanese war criminals, the BNP just do not care about anything or anyone but themselves.

In particular they do not care about people like Lance Corporal Johnson Gideon Beharry of the 1st Battalion, Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. Beharry was awarded the VC for bravery in Iraq, but in the BNP’s eyes he was only awarded this because he was black.

Then of course there are the Gurkhas, loyal and brave of the crown forces. The BNP calls them “mercenaries”.

We are no fans of war, but we see no reason why Griffin and his party of race haters should continually try to cash in on the deaths of predominately working class men and women.

If the 400th British serviceman or woman who dies in Afghanistan is black or Asian, or gay, what will Griffin do then? Ignore it?

Griffin and his close friend Simon “I am a little boring, perhaps” Darby are also trying to make some headway for their tiny party after a series of attacks on students in West Yorkshire. According to Darby, these attacks were carried out by black people in ski masks on white students, but the police are not telling anybody that they are racist attacks.

Just to correct Mr Darby, the attacks have been reported. They were however not reported by the victims as racial attacks, nor are the police treating them as a racist attacks. They are attacks on students, not that much different to the attacks on students the BNP likes to carry out when it gets the chance. These attacks are mindless, brainless, thuggery. As Simon well knows.

The police are looking at Simon’s blog. I believe it’s called incitement. Better they look for incitement because it is totally void of excitement.


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