EDL & ‘Infidels’ line up a lightweight bout for the New Year.

Matthew Collins - 09 12 11
"Snowy": Loves the craic in Derry..

"Snowy": Loves the craic in Derry..

The EDL and their even more naughty, nutty neo-Nazi splinter group the ‘Infidels’ continue their battle of wills for the hearts and minds of the Neanderthals who live for their ‘patriotic’, violent paranoia, and terrorism.

Whipped up by recent tabloid headlines and their own self importance the rival leaders of each group are both planning rival and racist demonstrations for the New Year. But with only 365 days in a year available to them, the two groups are apparently struggling to find days that do not “clash”. Well actually, that’s not true.

The EDL seem determined to make sure they hold their demo on the same days as the ‘Infidels’ hold theirs, calling heavily on the loyalty of their numerical advantage. Desperate to avoid a clash of dates, the Infidels called for their demonstration to be in the North West of England next January.

The EDL, fresh from having supporters’ jailed for trying to blow up a mosque in Stoke, decided that they would hold their rally in Leicester.

Having spent the best part of a year exchanging occasional blows but more often than not, internet bile with each other, the EDL decided to pull rank as the largest of the two “syndicates” and hold their demonstration on the same day as that of the Infidels’ demonstration.

Of course, we do not use the words “syndicates” lightly. Most people view the two factions as being involved in more of a kind of cocaine turf war than any great ideological disagreement.

For their part, the Infidels have continued their extreme anti-Irish diatribes against EDL leader Yaxley-Lennon, and now they persist with accusing him of being in the employment of the “state”.

Interestingly, it has been pointed out by more than one person both in England and in Northern Ireland that it is actually ‘Infidel’ leader John “Snowy” Shaw-the former crack addict who manages to avoid any known paid work, but still manages to afford regular trips to Northern Ireland in an attempt to ingratiate himself with what is left of breakaway factions from the “mainstream” Loyalist paramilitaries.

We never comment on such things of course, but the constant sniping at Stephen Yaxley Lennon’s supposed lax Irish Catholicism has obviously and finally got up his nose (he probably sees it as an insult).

Having moved his demonstration to the 4th of February on someone’s “advice”, John “Snowy” Shaw was furious to discover that the EDL have decided to move their demonstration to that day too.

Infidel leader “Snowy” is understandably furious. He’s going to go ahead with his demonstration anyway, but no longer in the North West of the country.

They’re now going to hold their demonstration just outside Luton, in the village of Wilstead! Hardly the hotbed of supposed radical Islam or indeed Irish Republicanism, Wilstead’s only “famous” occupant is one Stephen Yaxley Lennon…..

Let's get ready to rumble...

Let’s get ready to rumble…


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