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Matthew Collins - 10 12 11
Shaw: So much for

Shaw: So much for “No Surrender”

Last night’s revelation that the ‘Infidels’ were going to invade the tiny village of Wilstead in Bedfordshire, got the Nutzi hooligans all hot under the collar.

In football hooligan parlance, this was really “calling it on”, so on to the bat phones they went to stir it up and issue threats.

And apparently, Yaxley-Lennon was no fan of having racist football hooligans marauding down his leafy street. He’s worked very hard to live there in peace and tranquillity (although his neighbours would disagree somewhat).

So close to a taste of his own medicine was he, that Yaxley-Lennon flexed his groaning army’s muscles and the upshot was that at some time during the night it became apparent that John “Snowy” Shaw’s ‘Infidels’ may be nasty, but there just are not enough of them to really front up the EDL.

And the ramifications of an all-out brawl were not lost on many. If it was to really “kick off” between the two gangs, it would mean violence all over the north of England between the two groups and would mean at least one prison having to move either the Infidel or the EDL faction out with some urgency.

So, “Snowy” Shaw had to climb down. He climbed slowly, but down he went, but not without veiled threats. You see, the EDL have already been to Shaw’s farm and allegedly terrified his wife and kids once. This is one of the reasons he no longer lives there.

As “Snowy” made an embarrassing climb down, his ranting, raving and sheer bravado went up a further notch.

“There should be no need for us to compete” he wrote. But despite him calling Yaxley-Lennon a “grass” more than once, he made it perfectly clear that he himself had the addresses of certain EDL members because the “ob” (the police), “gave them to me”. Then came the veiled threats “certain groups will retaliate if anything happens to me” he wrote.

No doubt this is in reference to the breakaway Loyalist Paramilitaries that Shaw, who has no job, manages to laud and pay homage to quite regularly in Derry, Northern Ireland. But all in all, “Snowy” does not want a war with the EDL any more.

“There was no mention in the demo post of a direct address” he continued in reference to the plans he laid last night to visit Wilstead. Of course not, “Snowy”, it was just a coincidence, eh? Half of the antifascist movement didn’t know he lived there for a start..

So, the racists’ race-war is off for now. “Snowy” and his gang will go back to targeting little old ladies selling the Morning Star and leave alone whatever it is that the EDL is selling, for now.

But it’s coming. There’s only room for one Cartel in this game after all.

Snowy surrenders

Snowy surrenders


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