“New Right”: Same old nasties

Matthew Collins - 12 12 11
Renouf: Liked Gaddafi

Renouf: Liked Gaddafi

For those who can no longer fit themselves or their egos into groups like the BNP and feel themselves far too up market for the rest of the basement dwellers on the British “scene”, there is always the “New Right”.

There’s not a lot actually new about this group, but they do like to sit themselves on the sidelines full of pomp and self importance and behave in a manner not too dissimilar to a role exemplified by (for those that can remember that far back), the likes of Statler and Waldorf.

These are the people who have an answer for everything, particularly for the sort of quandaries that Nick Griffin never wants to talk about anymore.

Yesterday they came together for their “36th meeting”. That’s not “annual” either, it’s just when the time suits and a pub can be booked for a secretive soiree. Most of those present were ex-friends and colleagues of Griffin, one of them even a former BNP treasurer!

Dr James Thring opened the proceedings with a rather warm and glowing remembrance of Colonel Gaddafi, that charming old chap who apparently “wanted everyone to be heard in Parliament”. Plus the first in the long list of denials through the afternoon was on the case of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Although it appears the new Libyan government are considering helping bring her killer to justice, “The Libyan Embassy was not tall enough for someone shooting from any window there” to shoot her he told the room. Perhaps he should tell the Libyans that, not a room of Holocaust deniers?

Lady Michelle Renouf, an Australian felt to be rather aloof, also made an appearance. When she’s not fronting up for “Press TV” of Iran, she’s working with Holocaust deniers and of course, she had some connections with the late Colonel Gaddafi. “”We need more witty, brilliant, authentic men like Gaddafi” Michelle told the meeting, also going onto describe Gaddafi as a “fantastic role model”. For what, we’re not sure

There was some rather brilliant “revisionist” Christmas cards on sale too. You know the sort, the sort that makes denying the Holocaust fun. What a laugh they had over those…

Most observers will be happy to see Jonathan Bowden up and about again. Bowden was hounded out of the BNP a few years by some rather unflattering allegations. The self-styled artist, playwright and former “Revolutionary Conservative” complained that the Japanese had been “feminised” by defeat in the Second World War and that since then had been “mentally and morally invaded by the US”.

It was a cracking day for everyone that was there. Jews were baited and Jews hated, Gaddafi mourned and admired, and the Holocaust was scoffed at.

This “New Right” is pretty much like the old one.

Bowden:"The samurai were an elite," apparently

Bowden:"The samurai were an elite," apparently


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