“Paramilitaries” plan secret Manchester meeting

Matthew Collins - 04 01 12

A gang of self pronounced far-right paramilitaries linked to both the EDL and the BNP are planning a secret meeting in Manchester later this month.

The Combined ex-Forces (CxF), is a uniformed gang of ex-squaddies, mercenaries and people smugglers who threatened both the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Metropolitan Police with “snipers” if they interfered with their plans to defile Remembrance Day in London last year.

The group spent their day in London before being swooped on by armed officers, locked in conversation with senior BNP officials.

The vicious and conspiritual group are planning their secret meeting at O’Neill’s pub in the Arndale Centre in Stretford on Saturday 21st January. The group, who claim to be highly trained and armed say they’re dedicated to overthrowing the government and plan to discuss “serious topics” during the meeting. Topics that will be covered “may distress or offend some people” which will ominously include for those of us who follow the behaviour and attitudes of the far-right in this country, “themes of adult content with issues that effect all of us and our children, including child abuse”.

Speakers the group have billed to speak include a retired Metropolitan Police officer named Albert Burgess and a retired Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Navy, named Brian Gerrish, a well known member of the British Constitution Group and the Lawful Rebellion movement

While the often childish antics by CxF of dressing up in matching uniforms and promising military action may remind some of the Army Comrades Association, a rather comic book forerunner to the Irish fascist group the Blueshirts, CxF continues to issue threats and promises of violence and terrorism directed at both the government, police and antiracist and antifascist groups that should not be ignored.

We hope the good people at O’Neill’s close early and other publicans deny entry to uniform wearing wannabe-terrorists. To ensure this, HnH will be passing a file to the local council to ensure action is taken to stop CxF discussing terror in their city.

Nick Griffin greets CxF last year

Nick Griffin greets CxF last year


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