Dalgleish sticks the knife in

Matthew Collins - 09 01 12
Ouch!: Claudia says bye-bye

Ouch!: Claudia says bye-bye

Steve Squire is the BNP’s London organiser. He has his work cut out too, what with London BNP almost being moribund after consecutive splits, racist assaults, defeats and disagreements.

Steve used to at least have a little bit of glamour in his life in the shape of former model Claudia Dalgleish, who according to some in the party lived a life of tweeting and blogging as if she was on the set of television’s “Sex and the city”.

Not the most of popular BNP members, Dalgleish was at least interesting to follow with her constant carry-on. “Let’s do lunch darling” she dazzled, constantly reminding her more dowdy comrades that she lived a life of jet-setting aside from hanging out with racists and neo-Nazis.

Dalgleish describes herself as an “Entrepreneur; Philanthropist; Humanitarian” which must have sat quite uncomfortably with the wife-beaters, glue-sniffers and imbeciles of the BNP.

So here’s the good news for the BNP’s Dowdy Brigade. Claudia has left the building. She’s gone and left Steve and the BNP. As stoic as Steve is taking the whole break up, he knows that deep down it really is back to pints and pork scratching for the BNP’s London meetings now.

And it’s bad news for Nick Griffin too. Like everyone else in the party, he too enjoyed being photographed with her. But worse still, bang goes a potential cash cow just when the party is really struggling to get its act together for the GLA elections.

Claudia’s now off on her post-BNP life and it appears she’s telling anyone that cares to listen she has a new man who is not in the BNP. “New Year; new people; new experiences; new possibilities. Fabulous!” She tweeted earlier today.

If that didn’t dent poor Steve’s ego, Claudia then wrote “BNP will NOT get a GLA seat-that is a certainty-not a prediction-but good luck all the same”.

Off for a Cosmopolitan and a trip around Bloomingdales it is then

Split:Claudia and Mr Big are no more.

Split:Claudia and Mr Big are no more.


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