Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Matthew Collins - 20 01 12
Tired & Emotional - Claudia Dalgleish

Tired & Emotional – Claudia Dalgleish

The split between London BNP organiser Steve Squire and his now very ex girlfriend Claudia Dalgleish certainly could not be described as amicable.

As reported previously, Claudia is using every opportunity available to stick the proverbial knife into her ex beau Squire.

Facebook appears to be one of her weapons of choice and in an amazing turnaround her number one fan now appears to be one time BNP National Elections Officer Eddy Butler.

Butler and Dalgleish in the past have been regular sparring partners on Facebook, with Claudia taking the loyalist corner of Nick Griffin and Butler the perennial renegade.

Not anymore, rumours are rife that there is dangerous liaison blossoming between the two previous combatants.

In an interesting exchange today Claudia was happily defending Butler to anyone who would listen when along came two of the more regular Griffin attack dogs, Mick Braun of Romford and Bob Taylor of Dagenham.

During a heated exchange between the onetime BNP comrades, Dalgleish made a number of serious allegations. At one point she admitted to taking part in “dirty tricks” with Braun and Taylor in the name of their leader Nick Griffin. In another she claimed a leading BNP official has taken part in the sale of illegal drugs.

Of course we have no proof if any of these accusations hold water and we won’t be repeating her claims in any detail (To repeat a libel is also libellous), however several hours after the initial claims were made, Dalgleish deleted all of the comments from her Facebook account.

Good job we got the screen grabs when we did!


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