Griffin acknowledges rat problem

Matthew Collins - 22 01 12
Pathetic: But is Griffin's latest outrage a cry for help?

Pathetic: But is Griffin’s latest outrage a cry for help?

Three weeks into the new year and it appears that flailing BNP leader Nick Griffin has only just realised how deep into the mire his party really is.

Sources inside the party have been telling us that membership renewals for the new year are best described as “poor” (though that is not the actual language being used within the party leadership!)

As well as an appalling tweet today about Muslims it appears that Griffin has turned his attention to the very rats leaving his sinking ship. Someone has suggested the vile tweet he made could even be a desperate attempt by Griffin to court some kind of legal controversy leading to him receiving public sympathy. Such is the desperate and warped environment inside the party at the moment, nothing surprises us here.

The departing rats from the BNP have apparently been described as “vermin” by Griffin in a text message sent to members and supporters. Most of Griffin’s venom has been directed at fellow MEP Andrew Brons, but it appears there is plenty spare for some others also.

Griffin apparently then goes on to name a host of former high profile members of the party and even Robin Tilbrook of the rival English Democrats on his “vermin” list.

Griffin’s angst hasn’t been helped by a large dose of supreme Aryan incompetence that apparently only came to light on Friday afternoon, despite the best efforts of party staff to hide it from him. And with a certain someone going on maternity leave soon, the thought of a certain double act known as “Rodney” and “Trigger” running the office in her absence was the last straw.

Griffin has been budgeting on a membership of 4000 to keep him in power in the BNP and in return in the public eye. Not only does it appear that they are clearly someway short of that figure, that despite their best propaganda efforts talking up yesterday’s supposed day of action in London, half of those expected to take part failed to materialise!

Griffin: Surrounded by "Vermin".

Griffin: Surrounded by "Vermin".


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