Unemployed pub bores and “vermin” meet

Matthew Collins - 22 01 12
Thanks for the info Jeff & Claire

Thanks for the info Jeff & Claire

Lucky for me that I opted against a stroll around Paddington in London on Saturday while waiting for my train. The last thing that I wanted to do was to bump into old “friends” and “comrades”.

Had I ventured out for a light refreshment I could have ended up in a time warp of ageing and unimportant Nazis and their supporters in a meeting of the “New Right”, well one of the “New Right” groups, that is.

We’ve written about this odd mix of racists, Holocaust deniers and tyrant worshippers before and unsurprisingly, they are currently themselves in the middle of some sort of schism so the group has to meet twice as regularly now to keep everybody happy.

Most of those (if not all), are from that particular group of (mainly) former BNP members that Nick Griffin likes to refer to as “vermin”. Among those apparently at the meeting was John Morse, who went to prison in the 1980’s for editing a rather particularly unpleasant edition (or two) of the BNP’s monthly newspaper British Nationalist.

Griffin’s current BNP remember Morse as a “useful idiot” while I remember him as a vicious racist and anti-Semite who used any opportunity he could to poison the minds and lives of ordinary people with his racism. A bus driver by trade, Morse used to spend his weekends at Brick Lane market in Tower Hamlets, shouting racist abuse while trying to flog his newspaper.

Also there was Steve Brady, who was rumoured until recently to have been secretly in Nick Griffin’s gang and even touted as a potential Editor of the BNP’s irregular monthly magazine. Brady studied zoology at University but actually ended up working for a certain German car manufacturer in Milton Keynes. He liked to pretend he was some sort of Loyalist link-man and Lothario, but the reality was far less exciting. He was for a short time the Deputy Chairman of the National Front while desperately trying to hide his politics from his employers.

The meeting must have been a little more downbeat than usual however. At their last meeting, Michelle Renouf mourned the passing of Colonel Gaddafi. At this meeting no doubt, she mourned the revoking of the British broadcasting licence by OFCOM of her employers, Press TV although she apparently declined to actually speak.

Never mind the “New Right”, it was more like a Job Club for unemployed Holocaust deniers’.


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