Pay it back, Peter

Matthew Collins - 29 01 12
Molloy: The "hardworking" BNP

Molloy: The "hardworking" BNP

The BNP’s Peter Molloy is a bit of a “card”. The former squaddie moved from Merseyside to Spennymoor in County Durham, to run for council on a ticket of “local jobs for local people”. He was never very popular in Liverpool either, according to our sources there.

Proud of his military career, Molloy is rarely seen without military service medals pinned to himself and when the mood takes him, the beret of the Kings Regiment. He spent most of his military career in the Royal Signals however, but that’s not a problem.

Pete’s known for his giving and forgiving nature. When a friend of his writes on facebook that they are not a racist but “I just fucking hate muslims (sic) scum of the earth”, wise old Pete advises “that’s ok cos (sic) Islam is a religion (sic) not a race”.

Pete’s pearls of wisdom go beyond mere shiny pieces of metal. Pete doesn’t feel the need to work. Not being a local to Spenymoor, perhaps he’s taking his own campaign advice. He admits he’s not even “looking properly” but like all good men, will probably get himself a job as soon as his partner has their baby. (It’s very difficult to polish one’s medals when there is dirty nappies clogging up the home I guess).

One can only guess what they think of all of this down at the benefits office. One does have to confirm that one is looking for work, don’t they? And while he’s obviously not looking for work “properly”, Pete has managed to write a book about his time in the army which he has titled “Scaley” and sells for £50 on Amazon. Page after page about bayonets and boots, Pete’s book was no doubt written at the expense of the tax payer. Even the black and Asian tax payers at that, too.

Last week, the BNP made a big thing about Pete and his fellow BNP members’ going out in Spennymoor collecting rubbish. Very civic minded one might say, particularly as the council allegedly will not deal with fly tipping. Pete’s best friend Adam Walker even commented “Whenever we get a spare half-hour, we do a bit of leafleting to keep things ticking over. The locals recognise us when they see our team out doing activities such as this.

“It’s good for the local branch because it raises our profile, although it must be a bit embarrassing for the local authorities and lazy councillors, who take tax money to do the work but then don’t and end up having to be helped out by members of the British National Party.”

Ah yes, those “lazy” councillors, never mind the poor tax payer, too. Said Adam Walker leads the BNP’s “Operation Fightback” whereby lots of angry Nutzis are encouraged to write to newspapers to defend the BNP’s Christian morality (or something like that). From today, I’m launching “Operation Payback”.

You see, the reality would appear that Peter Molloy’s über BNP activities are funded by the tax payer. From writing books, hanging around at the BNP’s Cumbria offices, to delivering hate leaflets, to wearing medals and following the BNP around the country he should have been looking for work. We have hundreds of pics of Pete when he should’ve been looking for work.

Get writing that cheque Pete. England expects.

Review: Must try harder, Pete.

Review: Must try harder, Pete.


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