Danish disgrace gathers pace

Matthew Collins - 31 01 12
Paul James: Robinson's extra layer of protective clothing

Paul James: Robinson’s extra layer of protective clothing

The collection of European Islamophobes due to speak at a rally in Aarhus, Denmark the end of March continues to grow.

Joining our own pint-sized Fuhrer Herr Tommy Robinson, is a collection of well known European Islamophobes. The shameful collection includes representatives from the thuggish “Defence Leagues” to the supposedly respectable “cultural Conservatives” whose various web and blog sites excuse and encourage the football hooligans, drug dealers, thugs and wife beaters of the Defence Leagues.

The organisers’ believe this will be an “historic day for the counter-Jihad movement”, where they believe “Hopefully thousands will join us at the mother of Demos, taking place in Aarhus, Denmark.”

What with it being a public meeting, the chances are that thousands will indeed attend, and let’s hope it is a repeat of the last outing by the EDL, when they came unstuck in a muddy field seven miles outside of Amsterdam in 2010.

In was on that field in Holland where Tommy first met BFP leader, Paul Weston who as yet has no confirmed whether he fancies a repeat of that fateful day

Where this rally leaves the EDL’s plans for another demonstration in Luton on the same day remains unclear. Confirmed to speak in Denmark so far are:

Elisabeth Sabbaditch Wolff
Anders Gravers (SIOE)
Pavel Chernev (SIOE Bulgaria)
Ronny Alte (Norwegian Defence League)
Kasper Mortensen (Danish Defence League)
Mimosa DeDanann (Finnish Defence League)
Isak Nygren (Swedish Defence League)
Rene Buller & Czesław Kaczmarczyk (Polish Defence League)

There’s no word as yet as to how many of the EDL’s brightest will be making their way over to discuss “Halal food, Immigration and other things of interest …” but our sources report that the EDL may have to break up fights already breaking out in Denmark between rival Islamophobes there. With this in mind, Paul James of Middlesbrough who was recently turned down for the job of Regional Organiser there, has apparently emptied his piggy bank in anticipation-at his own expense- of being Tommy’s bodyguard for the big day.

Paul Weston with Elisabeth Sabbaditch Wolff

Paul Weston with Elisabeth Sabbaditch Wolff


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