Snow Surrender!

Matthew Collins - 04 02 12
Snowy: ex-crack addict, ex-Llama farmer, ex-Nazi wannabe

Snowy: ex-crack addict, ex-Llama farmer, ex-Nazi wannabe

In a classic case of boom and bust, the proverbial chicken has come home to roost for one Nutzi tonight.

John “Snowy” Shaw led the “Infidels” out of the English Defence League (EDL) over a year ago, claiming that he and his gang were sick of standing in car parks shivering while the police pushed them and the rest of the EDL around.

John “Snowy” Shaw was nobody’s “boy”. His gang were going to dictate to everyone. What a tease he is. He wound up EDL leader Tin Pot Tommy Robinson by reading books about how to hate Jews and Catholics and then repeated what he had read in often bizarre, illiterate postings on the internet. He spent hours and hours on the internet bragging about how hard his gang was, how they hated Jews, and how much he hated Tin Pot Tommy Robinson. In Snowy’s borrowed parlance, Tommy Robinson was a “Taig”.

Tommy allegedly bit more than once and apparently “Snowy” has been put on his backside by Tommy’s EDL in his own home more than once. When EDL leader Tommy Robinson was attacked mysteriously on a motorway late last year, Snowy was all over the internet intimating that he had made it happen. He even hinted mysteriously that “certain organisations” were going to “take care” of Robinson. At the time, “Snowy” was making visits to Northern Ireland (at whose behest we can only guess), so we presume “Snowy” was bragging that somehow Tommy had been the victim of some kind of crack addicted Loyalist hit squad. Or perhaps MI3.

He even threatened to hold his demonstration today outside of Tommy’s home in the plush bit of Bedfordshire. So I found myself torn for a while today; should I head to “Snowy’s” demonstration in Rochdale, or should I catch up with the EDL?

I chose Leicester and the EDL. Most members of the Infidels wished they had too. “Snowy’s” Infidels in Rochdale stood in the pouring snow and did nothing. “Snowy’s” tough internet talk appeared to be just that. The hated police he would never bow too, were even politely addressed as “sir” by him. Despite their promises, no “Pakis” were driven into the sea, either. They probably only discovered Rochdale doesn’t have a beach when they arrived there.

They numbered less than eighty. “Snowy” scratched his chin then apologised to his dwindling support. They froze. Many walked away.

“Snowy” complained that his group were “treated like animals”. That’s rather unfair. Britain is an animal loving country, we treat animals far better than we treat fascists.

“Snowy” then politely informed the police that they were no longer going to cooperate with the police. And he then informed them that he would be back on a Friday or a Saturday, but he didn’t know when. But when he did decide, he was not going to tell them.

The gang are currently ensconsed at the Copthorne Hotel in Salford. Apparently there is plenty of “snow” being shared between them, too.

Poor old “Snowy”, his organisational skills are even more impotent than Tin Pot Tommy’s. The former crack addict can add “Nazi leader” to the list of his other former achievements, including Llama farmer.


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