Scottish declare Independence..

Matthew Collins - 05 02 12
"Snowy": He and his Thunderbirds outfit not welcome in Glasgow.

"Snowy": He and his Thunderbirds outfit not welcome in Glasgow.

Well, the Scottish Defence League (SDL) has anyway. Having played seemingly no part in yesterday’s debacles in both Rochdale and Leicester, the SDL’s big cheese Steven Jacobs has told the Infidels to “**** off”.

For some months now the SDL and the Infidels have been playing together like naughty schoolboys. The SDL even had a joint punch up with the Infidels, the NF and the English Defence League last year, where one of their number was waving a hatchet around in full view of terrified shoppers in Newcastle.

Tonight however, one of the SDL has issued a statement where he tries to distance himself and his group from the Infidels. ” WE HAVE ENOUGH TO CONCENTRATE ON AND PUT IN MOTION WITHOUT IGNORANT IDIOTS HINDERING US AND PUTTING OUT THE WRONG MESSAGE” (yes, he did write it in large capitals.)

Later he wrote in a message to the Infidels “the SDL don’t want fuck all to do with your racist group” and even claimed that the SDL were seeking some kind of dialogue with “left wing prats” (sic). He also accuses John “Snowy” Shaw of being in the pay of this organisation!

Part of the SDL’s problem seems to be the Nazism of the Infidels and also not to mention, the slight problem of not being very well regarded/very big in Scotland. Last week’s attack on some people selling the Morning Star newspaper in Glasgow appears to have been the final straw. Being in more than a slight minority in Glasgow, the SDL has had I understand, a quite difficult week up there explaining their actions to some people attached to one of the football firms in the City.

According to Jacobs, John “Snowy” Shaw who leads the Infidels begged him not to break up their love-in. By all accounts, “Snowy” even offered to wear his marching uniform to the SDL’s forthcoming demonstration in Glasgow.

That is of course, not a good idea. John “Snowy” Shaw’s habit of running around dressed as an extra from a Thunderbirds convention whilst verbally threatening to attack Catholics is what has finally caused the separation.

“Snowy, your (sic) a complete joke and as I’ve said before your (sic) a total failure and always has (sic) been.”

So, the perfect end to the weekend from hell for “Snowy”.


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