A winter’s tale becomes a winter’s lie

Matthew Collins - 07 02 12
Alan Payne: Not your average racist pensioner

Alan Payne: Not your average racist pensioner

The BNP could never be described as top notch filmmakers; the videos available on BNP TV are unlikely to win any awards.

Those loyal to the core BNP members who can still be bothered tuning into the BNP’s nonsense are unlikely to question the content of any of those videos either. To have remained so long inside the BNP, they’ve already blindly accepted that every word Nick Griffin utters as the absolute gospel.

We’re not so gullible, however, and we’re always looking out for the opportunity for what one may call “continuity” errors.

Take for instance the offering from Salford BNP entitled “At least asylum seekers will be warm this winter”. Given the cold weather at the moment, the BNP is really pushing this video.

It’s a film by Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty and it’s got a familiar theme. It’s churned out by the BNP every year about old age pensioners unable to afford to heat their homes due to rising costs, whilst “asylum seekers” have their bills paid for by the state.

Right about now, there are thousands upon thousands of pensioners in this country struggling to pay their winter fuel bills. That is inexcusable. The ever resourceful Tumulty, who until recently guarded the pick and mix at a SPA supermarket in central Manchester, managed to find five of them. All white, thank goodness.

Some are filmed complete with winter coats and sleeping bags for added effect. The problem is however, that all of these pensioners are known BNP activists. One in particular is a very familiar face indeed.

Husband and wife Alan and Madge are brought shivering before the camera. Alan is Alan Payne, ex BNP organiser for the Manchester and Salford branch. The old- school fascist was even a founder member of the local National Front branch back in 1968.

A veteran anti Semite, Payne used to organise in the area at a time when Jewish cemeteries in north Manchester were being targeted for vandalism and desecration. In 1987 he admitted to an undercover newspaper reporter that he was involved in a plot to kidnap Viraj Mendis, a Sri Lankan anti-racist, who was fighting a Home Office deportation order. Mendis had taken refuge in a local church.

In 1990 Payne was exposed by a newspaper claiming he had distributed 10,000 copies of Holocaust News, a BNP hate-sheet totally dedicated to denying the Holocaust.

While working as a guard based at Manchester Victoria railway station, Payne travelled to Spain in 2000 to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the former fascist dictator General Franco.

So of course, the five poor pensioners will be blaming asylum seekers. They probably blame asylum seekers if they don’t win the lottery on a Saturday night. Or is it the Jews who are to blame for that?

Never mind. There is an old saying that goes “Hate will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night”.

Keep warm Alan.

Fooled?: Not us, it's another BNP con

Fooled?: Not us, it’s another BNP con


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