Hugging Nazis won’t make the debts go away.

Matthew Collins - 08 02 12

The BNP are in debt, massive debt. Everybody knows it, although the BNP prefer to claim talk of it is merely part of a “smear” campaign.

So only a gullible few, (twenty eight of them), surely would have been surprised when Griffin was finally forced to announce the debt was real and not part of some mass conspiracy against his party.

Coventry seemed to be the most appropriate place for BNP leader Nick Griffin to admit the truth. He’s disgraced himself in the city more than once in his dark, political past. On one occasion he handed out leaflets there that gave the impression he was actually defending the Nazis for bombing the city during the Second World War. Except, it was not actually an impression. He was.

The smaller the BNP becomes, the more challenged the cameraman who follows them around gets. He was under strict instructions not to pan around the room. The BNP ‘Officials’ Conference’ was small, but there was no reason to show it. They even waited around for a while before starting the conference. Perhaps it was traffic that was keeping people away they ventured aloud. Of course, there was plenty of room for the great white elephant representing those many hundreds of BNP members and officials who have walked away from the party in disgust and those who did not walk, but were purged. All that was needed was Simon Darby to hang a large “do not feed” sign around said elephant’s neck.

In times of great tragedy, it is said that “the band plays on” and so the BNP did. Plans were made, dreams were created and outright lies were told. And then there was the “hiccup”. It seems the Electoral Commission are about to report that the BNP’s debts stand at £850,000. For one gormless BNP official that was seen as a sign of the great success of the BNP. A debt that big must mean the BNP is doing something right, right?

And then there was room for a little dig. Some of the remaining officials have complained about the BNP’s relatively new logo. While dropping the £850,000 “hiccup” into his Leader’s address, Griffin mounted a defence of the logo.

But debts do have a habit of biting one on the behind. Even the big, bad BNP has to face the bogey man occasionally. And so it appears that Griffin will have to appear as a witness in a blackmail trial after he alleged that ‘loyalists’ threatened him if he didn’t pay a £50,000 debt he owed.

Belfast businessman David Sloan has been charged with blackmail and is due to appear at Carlisle Crown Court on March 12. Last year the Griffin family were paid a visit by a group of men from Belfast demanding debts owed.

The men also allegedly visited the parents of Nick Griffin as well as his daughter Jenny Matthys during an extended ‘tour’ of Britain. The incident was one of a number of excuses the BNP gave for the non-appearance of the Griffin family at a recent Belfast employment tribunal. So perhaps it is no surprise to see Griffin desperately trying to make as many new friends as possible.

The EDL for instance, have gone from being part of a “Zionist plot” to in Griffin’s eyes thoroughly nice chaps.

And not just the EDL, Griffin seems to want to embrace the whole collection, EDL, Infidels and the rather bizarre CxF, in fact he seems to like them an awful lot more than some sections of his own party.

Just this week, Griffin and a small BNP contingent set off to Liverpool Crown Court to protest outside the trial of a number of alleged paedophiles from the North West.

Nick Griffin is now fully aware that the dwindling fortunes of the BNP mean he can no longer turn out hundreds of members out on the streets for a protest; in fact they are lucky if they get just a small handful.

Griffin’s new trick is to turn up at protests planned by other organisations, such as the EDL, have his photo taken by the local newspaper and hijack the protest. His face and name are far more recognisable to the public and he knows it.

Seeing himself as a kind of fascist “Godfather” character, Griffin moves around the crowd, glad-handling and having his photo taken with assorted racists and neo Nazis.

Outside the court Griffin was quite happy to have his photo taken cuddling Chester football hooligan and North West Infidel Josh Jones. Once very close to EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon, Jones dumped the EDL and joined the breakaway North West Infidels.

What made the photo all the more interesting was that Jones was holding a Neo Nazi flag at the time, something Griffin would have recognised only too well.

But then Griffin needs all the friends he can muster at the moment.

Josh Jones:Dedicated follower of Nazi ?

Josh Jones:Dedicated follower of Nazi ?


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