Sex, texts and threats

Matthew Collins - 10 02 12
Claudia Dalgleish with Nick Griffin

Claudia Dalgleish with Nick Griffin

When Nazis and fascists used to fall out, somebody’s windows would get smashed, a grotty pub would be wrecked and some Nazi somewhere, would be found in a gutter requiring extensive dental care. Oh yes, and I do seem to recall my old boss in the NF having his car blown up! (Not that it bothered him too much; he used it as an excuse to empty the last Pfennig from the party’s accounts to buy himself a new one.)

How times have changed. It’s almost as if the BNP have joined the modern world. Their boots (mainly) get used for walking these days and telephones make almost as many (dubious) business calls as they make death threats

Of course, the party is in the modern world, but the members remain as dubious, dangerous and vindictive as ever. Next time you pour scorn on the unlikely shenanigans on Albert Square or the hallowed cobbles of Weatherfield, cast your eye over what is happening currently in the BNP.

Just to keep you up to date in BNP world; Nobody seems to like the leader and everybody hates everybody else. Plus, they owe a heap of money which they do not seem ever likely to pay. Not only do they keep taking each other to court it is also alleged that some Irish paramilitaries’ may have been down to B&Q to purchase power drills having got bored of the whole lot of them. Oh yes, and the BNP says it is still just an “ordinary political party” the “silent voice of the majority” and a lot of other naff stuff.

London has always been particularly testing for the party. The crafty cockneys have never taken to Grffin’s posh ways and he positively hates London anyway. And so there was some relief for Griffin two years ago when he found himself a man he could trust and the man had a former glamour model girlfriend. They were Nick Griffin’s kind of people.

Steve Squire was a bit of a rough diamond, but his partner Claudia Dalgleish was so posh and apparently wealthy, that Griffin immediately took to her. Sadly for him, it seems that she never quite took to him. She was however, for a time, one of Griffin’s internet “attack dogs”. Better than smashing windows and beating people up was in these modern times, setting up a group of people to attack others on the internet, anonymously of course.

And do just that is what Claudia did until very recently. Then she and Squire fell out and it seemed like the rest of the sky and earth was falling with it too.

Most of the fall-out we cannot bring you for legal reasons and of course, good taste. The last thing we would want is our mothers reading about the sort of filth that we have to wade through when fighting the fascists, but it would be remiss not to finish a good week without letting you have the gist of it.

Claudia has broken ranks. She writes of her two years in the BNP working with Squire and Griffin: “Instead of being encouraged to organise positive activities I was very quickly tasked to act as an attack dog on the internet.

“I am ashamed to say that I went along with it. My only excuse is that I was keen to do whatever was asked of me to further what I thought was the good of the cause.”

The targets for the abuse were of course, the anti-Griffin camp in the BNP. That was until last November, approximately half of the BNP’s membership. “On one occasion a number of senior British National Party officers gathered in Mr Squire’s house to teach me what they regarded as the mysterious arts of being an attack dog. In fact their tactics were inept as was amply illustrated by the ridiculously long list of targets that Nick Griffin itemised in… text.”

I know what you’re thinking; this is all very well and good, but where is the money shot? Well, Claudia alleges “As they were aware of my previous career in the glamour industry, Nick Griffin and unbelievably my supposed partner Stephen Squire effectively tried to pimp me out to Moffat to seduce him in order to break his allegiance to Andrew Brons.” Yes, “pimping”. Moffat is Andrew Moffat, the close political assistant of Griffin’s rival MEP, Andrew Brons.

You can imagine that particular meeting of the BNP’s brains trust. “Forget the bricks lads, let’s send over the lady to knock him out.” In NOTW parlance, Claudia says she politely refused and then made her excuses and left the party, but she does not end her assault there.

“The other major problem was that Nick Griffin was subjecting me to increasingly unwelcome attention.” Oh dear. Not the man who likened his own Grandchild to Jesus, the “defender of the faith” Nick Griffin, surely?

Ms Dalgleish then alleges that a number of text messages from Griffin to her became sexual and explicit. We are in no position to validate the authenticity of said messages, so it’s pointless repeating the content of them here but says Dalgleish, “his texts soon moved onto sexual innuendo and then blatant requests for sex. What is worse my partner was aware of this yet he encouraged me to spend more and more time with Nick Griffin in order to advance his own career.”

She goes on and on and this will of course rumble on and on too. In the middle of all of these “shocking” revelations and allegations, Dalgleish even takes time out to apologise to those BNP members that were on the receiving end of her and her fellow “Attack dogs”. Just to be safe, she also adds her “long term interest in the plight of the Boers in South Africa.”

The rest of Griffin’s alleged attack dogs have already acted. In fact, they probably pre-empted Dalgleish. There is a quite “fruity” website currently dedicated to her past career awash with a smothering of half-truths and outrageous assassinations on her character that has all of the hallmarks of jealous little men with active imaginations and poor Photoshop skills.

Some of the BNP are just better at banging each others heads in. Perhaps it’s more like Emmerdale, after all?

nb: For our younger readers, the Pfennig was German currency before the Euro. One Deutsche Mark was divided into 100 pfennigs.

Steve Squire aka Steve Mendoza

Steve Squire aka Steve Mendoza


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