Weston in North America

Matthew Collins - 23 02 12

The former UKIP candidate Paul Weston who now leads the EDL’s political front the British Freedom Party (BFP), has been on his travels.

He’s been in North America, discussing the wait for it…“threat of Islam”. Weston follows a long line of leaders’ from miniscule British political parties to travel to the US. Normally however, it is the “threat of the Jews” us “Brits” like to warn the North Americans about. Times they are a changing, obviously.

Weston has been lauded since his arrival by the likes of the “International Free Press Society” which is not a particularly high brow initiative. The “Free Press” bit is some sort of evangelical code for “Muslim Free”, allegedly.

Weston is apparently “spreading the message” that “freedom is on the march” in Europe. The North Americans will surely love that, though surely in the case of the BFP’s footsoldiers of the English Defence League it would be a little more honest to actually say “alcoholic Nutzis are smashing up shopping centres”.

But let us not quibble. Weston, who lives in a very fancy house in central London is delivering his message and his fan club is very hopeful that he will in some way, be compared to his political mentor Geert Wilders, the nauseating leader of the Dutch Freedom party.

Treading in EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s perfectly formed but rather small footprints, Weston found himself on Michael Coren’s Sun Television comparing Bangladeshi Muslims to Nazis.

While Weston was extolling the virtues of the British far-right and of course bemoaning the “climate of fear and censorship” that is in his eyes, Islam, one does wonder who was looking after his alleged business interests in Asia.


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