Of lies damn lies, and paedophiles

Matthew Collins - 24 02 12
Griffin: If you tolerate him, then your children will be next

Griffin: If you tolerate him, then your children will be next

Tomorrow, it is likely that more than a few hundred far right extremists will try to descend on Hyde, a borough of Tameside in Greater Manchester, to protest about what they claim is some kind of agenda by Britain’s Muslim community to carry out some sort of “genocide” against “native Britons”.

In the old currency, that is “Pakis”, beating up whites. No one is actually denying that there are white victims of racially motivated assaults. Some may shy away from it, but we at Hope Not Hate never have. It would be detrimental to our aims and long term goal of defeating all forms of fascism and racism.

We have always condemned all forms of racism, violence and extremism as do all rightfully minded people, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity; that is regardless too of the race, religion or ethnicity of the extremists. It is what decent people do.

What stirred tomorrow’s protest was the absolutely abhorrent attack on local teenager Daniel Stringer. It was a wicked and cowardly attack. Within hours of the attack, racists and fascists from all across the country were up on their bar stools frothing at their mouths. None more so than the Cash-Hungry Hun that is the leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin.

Plans were made and drawn by Griffin and co to get their white steeds over to Hyde to “protect” those “decent white folk”. Members of the Muslim community meanwhile, offered to help catch whoever was responsible for the attack on Stringer. They offered support to both the police and to the family, to help find the violent cowards. That is what decent people do.

Not only is Griffin planning to descend on Hyde tomorrow, so too is Britain’s other tin-pot Dictator, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, apparently. “Tommy” as he prefers to be known, is the criminal leader of the racist gang that defiles both this country’s national flag and this country’s written and spoken word, the English Defene League (EDL).

Both the BNP and the EDL are running Facebook groups about Daniel Stringer’s attack. They even went as far as to stop Daniel’s Mother and brother posting on the pages to tell them to please stay away from Hyde. Tomorrow will not be about Daniel Stringer at all.

It will be about a “race war” or a “religious war” as both the BNP and the EDL like to describe their plans for this country. Both claim to be the protectors of the Christian faith. You will remember as much if you can cast your mind back to the BNP standing outside of a school gate intimidating teachers, children and parents last November. They are going to Hyde to enflame the situation.

Last night, Griffin’s chubby little fingers were tweeting away excitedly about the events in Heywood, Rochdale. Apparently, he had warned that this would happen. He’s been warning and threatening that there would be some kind of race war in this country since he was in shorts. It wasn’t actually a race war at all. The events were very disturbing, unpleasant and very worrying, but there was not the sort of mass rioting that the BNP wished for. Griffin even tweeted that he had heard the same thing was happening in Oldham. It was not. Was it a wishful lie? Probably.

In Griffin’s political career, it is fair to say that first he went for the Jews, then he went for the blacks, then he went for the Gays, then he went for the Asians, then the Poles and now he goes for the Muslims. He has not let up on any of the other groups in the meantime, however. His tiny, moronic party hates them all equally.

For the past few years it has been very profitable for right wing extremists and sections of the media to attack Muslims. It’s populist and it is profitable. Griffin either cannot decide how this “civil war” (as he now calls it) will now happen, but he appears absolutely desperate to make it happen. The plight of poor Daniel Stringer, like that of Emma West and their problems and their fates are all expedient.

Both the BNP and the EDL accuse Muslims of being paedophiles. Yep, all of them. The BNP and EDL just cannot separate one bad Muslim from millions of ordinary Muslims. Paedophiles and terrorists, actually, All of them. The events in Heywood last night were in relation to an appalling, high profile paedophile case being heard in Liverpool at the moment. The shop owners that were attacked have no connection to the alleged paedophile ring, other than like the accused in Liverpool, the owners of the shops attacked are Muslims. Racism and rumour spread like disease. The disease in question in fascism!

When BNP members are involved in terrorism, the BNP merely claims that they were not responsible for that person’s actions. How convenient! They’ve even had a senior member describe rape as “like force feeding a woman chocolate cake”.

Like Daniel Stringer, the victims of paedophilia mean absolutely nothing to the BNP and the EDL if they cannot start a fight and try and start a pogrom in their name.

Paedophilia is a vile and disgusting crime against children. Why the BNP do not turn up at the cases of the hundreds of white paedophiles in courts yearly is a mystery. It is a further mystery that the BNP never turns up at the court cases or the indeed the homes of the numerous paedophiles that have been in their party. They do not even mention it!

And as for the EDL, the organisation was not even a year old when it was uncovered that one of its founder members was a paedophile.

So, here is a little list of paedophiles, rapists and other people you wouldn’t want near your kids that we actually know about, who have associations with the BNP and EDL.

I condemn them all. As all decent people should.

Richard Price EDL


Nigel Hesmondhalgh BNP

Darren Francis BNP

Gavin Leist BNP

Robert Bennett BNP

A leading activist in Oldham BNP during the 2002 elections campaign, Bennett has served five years in prison for the gang rape of a woman. He has also served seven years for armed robbery and has over 30 convictions in total.

Roderick Rowley BNP
A former soldier and election candidate for the fascist British National
Party in the Midlands has been jailed for 15 months after sending
obscene images involving children to others.

Roderick Rowley (51), previously from Coventry, was also ordered to
register as a sex offender for ten years after admitting at Birmingham
Crown Court 14 charges of making indecent photos, four of distributing
them and one charge of possessing an image for distribution.

Mark Walker BNP

Ian Richard Hindle and Andrew Paul Wells BNP

Ellis Hammond BNP
Downloading Child Pornography, 3 year community sentence , name on sex offenders register for 5 years. Disqualified for life from working with under 18’s Searchlight No 413 -P24 Wood Green Crown Court 2009 Oct-09

Jon Venables BNP Supporter

Kevin Strom (Friend of Nick Griffin)

Martyn Gilleard BNP

Brett Moses EDL

Michael Coates EDL



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