And then there was calm

Matthew Collins - 25 02 12
Balti or Bhuna ?

Balti or Bhuna ?

We hope it holds, but so far so good. Despite the best efforts of the far-right, there is calm this evening in Greater Manchester. Griffin and Lennon, a double act of windy hate, tried their best to antagonise British Muslims but they have not been sucked into the the back pockets of the profiteers of hate.

For Nick Griffin and his BNP, today was a particularly bad day. Despite lifting his party’s (now laughable and pointless) proscription of the EDL, it seems that EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon was far from impressed. No sooner had Griffin and his sheep departed Hyde, Lennon was ordering that BNP flags be removed from his own demonstration that followed. Lennon obviously knows which way his bread is buttered.

If I were a cynic, I would probably suggest that Griffin’s attempts to grab grave headlines for his party’s actions may in some way be connected to a completely different headline of sorts due out tomorrow.

Sadly, the story is embargoed until publication, but all I will say is Mr Griffin, that is no way to appreciate a curry…. If you really need to know more, you’ll do well to grab a copy of tomorrow’s Daily Star on Sunday, hold your nose and grab a sick bag.

For the Infidels, it would appear another job well done. Someone is most certainly getting full value from whatever it costs to get them constantly hemmed in and humiliated wherever they go. It was Glasgow’s turn today to watch another first class failure for the “crack” squad.

So, let’s hope that this peace tonight holds. Only fascists can profit from division and violence.

How Griffin will try and explain his way out of tomorrow’s newspaper story is going to be interesting!


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