Return of the Nazi postman

Matthew Collins - 03 03 12
Pont: delivering Nazism and tea bags to a door near you in Sheffield

Pont: delivering Nazism and tea bags to a door near you in Sheffield

Few people can forget the gormless former Sheffield postman Jordan Pont, who was sacked from his job last year after ringing BBC radio from work to moan about immigration etc, etc. You know, usual Nazi stuff.

Then came a breakdown in his budding bromance with Adam Walker, the BNP’s “party manager” and Pont did not hang around any longer. Jordan went off the rails, joined the National Front and the British Movement (where for some reason the 23-year old is leader of their Youth Wing, “Young Wolf”) and recently secured himself a job driving for the supermarket chain ASDA.

Pont was one of the people behind today’s NF protest in Heywood, Rochdale where three people were arrested including one for a suspected racially aggravated offence.

Pont is a strange one; his late night Facebook chats with women reveal a rather brutal, disturbing and childish attitude to sex. Most of this is probably driven by his Nazism which since joining the NF, he no longer has to hide. Pont is currently having a massive tattoo of Rudolph Hess inked on his back according to one boast he recently made on one forum, but most people think it is probably a lie, like his boasts about his sexual prowess. Most of what Pont likes to boast about cannot reprinted here.

He’s now planning to stand for council in Ecclesfield, Sheffield

We’ll be passing a file of Pont’s activities to his new employers. We hardly think ASDA will want a hard line neo-Nazi delivering their shopping to its customers.

NF in Heywood: Not a brain cell between them

NF in Heywood: Not a brain cell between them


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