BNP Mayoral Candidate in Sex Scandal

Matthew Collins - 09 03 12
Carlos Cortiglia

Carlos Cortiglia

Now is not a good time for secrets if you’re in the BNP. If you are in the BNP still, consider yourself as at the bottom of the barrel. And that proverbial barrel is being well and truly scraped.

For a good few years now the BNP has been able to keep Carlos Cortiglia at arm’s length. He’s bubbled along quite nicely in the background. A bilingual broadcaster who used to work for the Uruguayan government, Carlos has bided his time in the party while others seemingly less qualified or talented were groomed before him for front-of-camera cameos and electoral humiliations.

Now it is Carlos’s turn for the big time. It seems he is the BNP’s preferred sort of ‘Johnny Foreigner’ and once Nick Griffin has anointed you one of his chosen people the sun will shine upon you for a good fifteen minutes. Carlos has been prepped for the best part of a year to be the BNP’s candidate in the forthcoming Mayoral elections. It’s a tricky dilemma one might think; in days gone by, Carlos Cortiglia would’ve been on some kind of BNP sponsored “cruise” ship out of the country if they could have had their way. But these days the BNP have to take what they can get, and Cortiglia does not seem too bothered about being in a party full of race haters. He joins a select few of what one BNP official once described as their “favourite wogs”.

The BNP even hoped that their selection of Cortiglia would win them some much needed publicity, but we’re guessing it’s not the sort of publicity they are about to actually get.

Cortiglia is noted for his previously expressed opinions about the Falklands conflict. Indeed, it’s even alleged that Cortiglia offered to fight for Argentina against Britain during the Falkland’s War in 1982. What with it being the thirtieth anniversary of the conflict this year, it was always going to throw up controversy and adverse publicity of some kind even if Cortiglia claims that this story is the result of some poor translation of his old comments. Griffin it seems was none too bothered about Cortiglia’s alleged ‘treachery’ and Carlos Cortiglia has been getting on with his preparations unmolested by jingoism and flag burning.

Until now! Something has gone wrong and Carlos is now feeling the heat. In BNP land the leadership has found themselves in a bit of a flap and Carlos has been feeling the heat. Journalists have been sniffing around and it is not about Cortiglia’s alleged promise to face off with 3 Para at Goose Green.

Cortiglia posted a large volume of messages to “Adult” groups on what was known originally as Usenet and what was eventually taken over by Google Groups. Among the groups frequented by Cortiglia were several involving Swinging. A few postings were made in his own name; most were made using some of his old email addresses. If you cross match the various postings it becomes clear that they are all made by the same person.

As ever, it’s sex. Carlos who uses the nickname “Kiska” was not just an alleged gun for hire, he was a stud for hire – advertising his wares and his body on the internet for anyone interested.

It appears that some in the BNP have got wind of all this and apparently in Nick Griffin’s BNP, that’s just not British.


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