The fascists are feeling our heat

Matthew Collins - 10 03 12
Jones: Definitely not a stereotypical  Nutzi

Jones: Definitely not a stereotypical Nutzi

It’s been a busy few weeks for assorted British Nazis, some of whom look like they’re going to be assaulted British Nazis before long.

In February we had the wife of Patrick Harrington, “Mish Bondage” up in court against MEP Andrew Brons citing of all things, religious discrimination in an employment case which one suspects, has more than a little to do with the BNP’s internal feuding.

This was followed by news that Nick Griffin’s former consiglieri Jim Dowson, normally found outside of family planning clinics handing out vile leaflets to pregnant women, was going to join the fray and back a Belfast businessman charged with blackmail after alleged “Loyalists” threatened Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP over £50,000 he allegedly owes. The two former best buddies could even face-off in a Carlisle court as early as next Monday!

In financial desperation, Griffin dropped the BNP’s laughable proscription of the EDL the morning that both groups found themselves in Hyde on the same day in late February. Unmoved by Griffin’s cry for help, the EDL leader “Tommy Robinson” responded by removing all BNP flags and placards from his march. He was not amused.

If Griffin looked a little down in Hyde, he tried to liven things up by declaring himself as the “head of a liberating army” as he went to Heywood just up the road, to surround himself with young children. He availed himself and the people of Heywood to the dubious charms of Adam Walker while he was at it.

If Griffin looked a little more morose than usual it probably had a little to do with him refusing to talk to various newspapers who rang him during the day looking for a comment about the way Griffin likes to polish off a lamb Madras. We all found out the next day exactly how he does that, and half the country spat out its collective breakfast.

As Griffin stoically refused to comment on the story, his loyal lap dog Simon Darby went into overdrive to deflect the embarrassment by blogging relentlessly instead about how many cheap meals he manages to make for himself, curry was strangely off the menu.

Not to be outdone “Tin pot” Tommy Robinson (that’s not his real name by the way Channel Four) got himself filmed whilst drunk on television threatening to kill people while extolling his admiration for the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Griffin finally tweeted to say he would never get drunk on TV, even if he does abuse a friendly curry in a car park in Kent.

We’ve long known that the BNP & EDL were violent lunatics just waiting for a race war to ignite, but so too are the fringes of the far right. The tiny BPP got the hump with us when one of their number had his doors kicked in by armed police after we showed a photograph of him, their candidate in the forthcoming elections, standing under a swastika flag holding a rifle.

We then proudly published a report into the real danger of far right violence From Voting to Violence? Far right extremism in Britain. Written by Dr Matthew Goodwin and Professor Jocelyn Evans. This research really goes a long way to help us understand the motivations and views of far right supporters.

In what was a busy week for us, this came only a few days after the launch of our new magazine, full of investigations and analysis and an excellent exposé of the BNP’s secretive Trafalgar Club.

Just to continue our rather excellent few weeks, we side stepped the jingoism surrounding the BNP’s proposed London Mayor candidate Carlos Cortiglia’s alleged views on the future of the Falkland Islands, and instead exposed him as another naughty boy, indulging in adult activities. How very unBritish….. And believe me, we kept it as tasteful as we could.

In between that, we have to apologise for not mentioning that the NF managed only 3 votes (three!) in an election for Leigh-on-Sea Town Council or how despite running around with a swastika and rifle, “Desperate” Dave Jones of the BPP responded to having his house raided by the police by putting out a leaflet in Todmorden where he beautifully captured the fall-out from his activities by declaring “You see I am not playing up to the stereotype of right wing nationalists”. I suppose that is true, the last time a BPP member had his doors kicked in it was in a search of child pornography.

The BNP has fought back a little. Simon Darby has made light of our report into far right thuggery and says he will “Get that chef and choke the life out of him” in you guessed it, a blog about his stomach. This was something of a light moment in the lives of the under attack BNP, publishing pornographic pictures of a certain woman who “shared” a curry with Nick Griffin, their other trick, could be one BNP missile that comes back twice as hard and damaging.


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