The world of trolls, attack dogs and blogs

Matthew Collins - 10 03 12
Dalgleish & Griffin: "Fancy a curry later?"

Dalgleish & Griffin: "Fancy a curry later?"

It’s been a funny last 24 hours in the world of blogs…

Last night, one particular blog allegedly run by two of London’s “finer” BNP members Steve Squire and Bob Taylor, decided to publish a couple of naked pictures of Claudia Dalgleish (she of Nick Griffin “curry shame”) and threatened to expose more of her past this evening.

Today, former BNP leadership challenger and now officer of the rival English Democrats Eddy Butler, appeared to have posted a “goodbye I surrender” message on his notorious anti-Griffin blog, before taking all of the content down again.

What’s the big deal you may ask? Well, it is alleged that Dalgleish and Butler are involved in a relationship. Butler has certainly led the way in airing not just Dalgleish’s allegations against Griffin, but indeed has published no fewer than three other sexual “smears” against leading BNP figures. He’s never been sued and has never had to apologise for publishing them, either. He certainly knows where the proverbial bodies in the BNP are buried.

Steve Squire, who is the person allegedly behind the publication of naughty pictures of Ms Dalgleish is of course, the former partner of Ms Dalgleish (she who was also one of the notorious BNP “attackdogs”.)

Before becoming such close friends, Butler was quite often the victim of the infamous BNP “attack dogs” who Dalgleish claims acted under the direction of Nick Griffin personally, to launch savage internet attacks on the repuatations of dissenting past and present BNP members.

Squire is not only the London organiser of the BNP, but is also expected to be number one on the GLA list for the BNP in the forthcoming London elections, where he stands a minor chance of being elected.

Butler’s supporters are claiming that it is Squire that has broken the law and hacked into Butler’s blog to post a message that briefly appeared today in Butler’s name. Butler’s people believe it is part of a revenge by Squire and on behalf of Nick Griffin himself, given what damage has been done to their reputations (and not to mention their broken hearts) by Dalgleish and Butler.

Later tonight more details will emerge that could put the nail in other coffin for a high profile BNP candidate.

Say what you want about the BNP, but they certainly do not appear to be short on sex, drugs, blogsites, rude pictures, different names, stalkers, law breakers etc, etc.

The BNP “attack dogs” seem to have rabies. I believe the police are investigating.

John P blogs here:


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