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Matthew Collins - 18 03 12
George Crapper: stud for hire with a bouncy castle thrown in

George Crapper: stud for hire with a bouncy castle thrown in

The latest begging email from the BNP tells me that their London activists are “hard at work” and I could do them a favour by digging deep to ensure they get the £5000 required to ensure their candidate is standing for election to be London Mayor and not attending sex parties, for which he is is most notorious for.

Obviously flogging sex movies and rusty old boats on the internet is not enough to keep London BNP afloat so perhaps they could ask George Crapper to get behind their campaign.

“Gorgeous George” as he prefers to describe himself has been making a nice few bob recently hiring out bouncy castles to unsuspecting families from his home in Sheffield as well as expanding his bourgeoning security and Satanist interests.

Crapper, who unsurprisingly prefers to call himself “George Edwards” was exposed in one of today’s red top newspapers as a failed applicant for Olympic security duties. Despite bragging endlessly to anyone who would listen that he was going to be a security guard at the forthcoming games as recently as last week, Crapper was actually turned down weeks ago when the security firm that was hiring guards ran a check on his activities. Crapper still has a death threat posted to Nick Clegg on his website.

Not only has he worked as a self-appointed security guard for BNP chief Nick Griffin, Crapper has formed his own “Nationalist Security” team and offered his services to the cranky CxF, the self declared neo-Nazi paramilitaries with a penchant for not just threatening to murder the Prime Minister, but also apparently, lifting funds from charities that care for real soldiers (more on that later…!)

Crapper was recently at Nick Griffin’s side during his trips to both Hyde and Heywood wearing a stab vest and a silly grin as he walked behind and beside Griffin.

When he is not at Griffin’s side however, Crapper prefers to trawl the net desperately trying to meet people like him desperate for sex. If they’re really desperate, they can also hire him as a male masseuse or indeed, “escort”. Though be warned, he’s not at all interested in a trip to the movies and a nice meal afterwards.

In one posting we will not show, an aroused Crapper posts a picture of his genitalia on line with the message “ready for action” underneath.

He also moans about women who like to go “Dutch” at dinner or those who may be wanting to chat to him!

His colleagues in the BNP have not responded well to Crapper’s exposure in today’s paper. Paul Telford from BNP security has threatened to “chin him” for embarrassing the “boss” (Griffin). Most are wondering what the response will be from Martin Reynolds, the other sex-swinger and degenerate who is supposed to be Griffin’s personal security guard.

Whatever the response is, they had better get in quick. Judging by the disgusting pic Crapper posts of his genitalia, he won’t be “ready for action” for long.

George Crapper: Male Escort

George Crapper: Male Escort


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