BNP’s eye on the cash but not on the ball?

Matthew Collins - 01 04 12
Clive "Rodney" Jefferson strikes again !

Clive "Rodney" Jefferson strikes again !

It’s been a busy week for Nick Griffin. He was up and down the country trying to raise money for the BNP’s London election campaign. In the middle of it, the BNP managed to tell another one of their massive whoppers when they claimed that they were on 7% in the polls. It’s an old trick obviously, trying to get the members feeling confident whilst their pockets are picked.

One person who probably will not be putting his hand in his pocket is Mark Walker. Not only has he been banned from classrooms up and down the country, it would appear he has also lost his job with the BNP. Apparently he preferred the animals in his wife’s pet shop to the animals he had to work with and was “let go” once the party apparently discovered what he’d been up to.

Even with one Walker gone, the party still shows no signs of improving administratively. Nominations for the May elections close next Wednesday and it was only yesterday that the party remembered to appeal to its members to stand. Well done Clive “Rodney” Jefferson the party’s elections officer. Getting rid of Mark Walker has done wonders for the party’s efficiency..

Perhaps Clive’s eye was off the ball due to a large amount of money that sadly appears to be worming its way to the BNP. A recent death in North East London appears to put the “Treasurer of the BNP” as the sole executor of an estate that includes a three bedroom house. It’s believed as much as £500,000 could be winging its way to the party.

I’m sure the BNP were going to announce this large bequest as soon as possible and not allow it to disappear as some internal detractors seem to be suggesting.

Mark Walker Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Mark Walker Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


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