The Mersey Morons ?

Matthew Collins - 09 04 12
Joe Killen in the white vest

Joe Killen in the white vest

Now that the nominations are in for the various elections taking place next month, I thought I would take a closer look at one area that made me raise an eyebrow more than once over the past week.

What was once a very active branch, Liverpool BNP has become the laughing stock of the far right and has splintered into a number of smaller and far weaker groups.

At its peak, they achieved a couple of respectable second places in the council elections back in 2008. How they wish for such heady days now.

In 2012 the BNP can only manage to field two candidates, one of them Mike Whitby doesn’t even live in Liverpool, in fact he doesn’t even live in England, living 40 miles south over the Welsh border in Coedpoeth near Wrexham.The same Mike Whitby is also standing as a BNP candidate in his home town for Wrexham Borough Council and as the BNP candidate in the Liverpool mayoral election.

According to some reports Whitby has had a major bust up with a number of Liverpool BNP activists, causing them to defect to the National Front. One defection of note is the convicted thug Peter Tierney aka Peter Quiggins. Antique dealer Tierney was convicted in 2010 for ABH after attacking a local antifascist with a camera tripod.

Tierney, who is now the official mayoral candidate for the NF in the city has become increasingly extreme over the past few years, ramping up his online anti semitism at the same time. The NF will have no doubt welcomed Tierney and his disciples into their party, boosting their tiny numbers and Tierney’s huge ego at the same time.The NF will also enjoy the fact that Tierney is a millionaire.

Tierney has also imported the help of the imbecilic Paul James along with his motley crew of booze addled nobodies from the CxF.

Some people predicted that 2012 would see the rise of British Freedom, the BNP splinter that is for the moment closely aligned to the English Defence League. Liverpool has five BFP candidates standing for election which looks fairly healthy at first glance, however, as the BFP can only muster six candidates nationally the fortunes of British Freedom look stillborn. As three of the candidates are all members of the same family, British Freedom starts to look like a modern day version of the The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Matching the BFP, The English Democrats field five of their own candidates, with three of them being former BNP activists in the city.Of interest is the mayoral candidate Dr Paul Rimmer who has travelled from Militant Labour to The English Democrats, via The Conservative Party,UKIP and the BNP. That’s quite a journey for someone who claims to have studied politics at Cambridge University.

Moving out of the city of Liverpool to Knowsley,Andrew Brennus is the solitary far right candidate for the National Front.

Brennus aka Andrew Tierney is the brother of Peter Tierney and is also a convicted thug and ex BNP activist, being convicted of assault and electronically tagged for three months last year.This might go some way to explain why he has chosen to be his own election agent under the name Andrew Tierney.

Just when you thought the BNP couldn’t be embarrassed any further, we cross the River Mersey over to Wirral Council, where the BNP field a single candidate in the Birkenhead & Tranmere ward, one Joseph Killen.

The local newspaper The Wirral Globe ran an article describing Killen and The BNP as “Ultra Right Wing”, something that Simon Darby described as “Good News” on his tedious blog.

The problem for Darby and the BNP is that Killen, a close associate of the rabid Neo Nazi Liam Pinkham likes to have his photo taken, particularly with his right arm in the air.

Still think that’s good news Simon ?

Peter Tierney

Peter Tierney


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