More far-right threats and lies..

Matthew Collins - 12 04 12
Threats: How the

Threats: How the “Infidels feel about the EDL

No great surprise to hear that Tommy Robinson has now denied praising Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik during an interview with a Norwegian newspaper. What with 77 people dead as a result of Breivik’s sickening hatred, you’d probably give Robinson the benefit of the doubt if he didn’t already have a bit of a history for praising the murderer.

Talking to a Norwegian a journalist today, I was told that Tommy has also allegedly claimed that the British government are “breeding Christian terrorists”. I’m not sure whether that’s Robinson’s take on the current NHS reforms or whether he actually does believe that he is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Still, rather like with Islam, there’s not much Christian about terrorism Tommy, perhaps you should pass that on to your troops.

Up in Liverpool (one of the few places to actually have EDL aligned candidates for the May elections), the local “crack Nazis” that make up the rival tearaway “Infidels” are plotting violence against their EDL rivals. I guess that should give the decent people of Liverpool some respite for a while. The Infidels continue to take issue with EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s alleged Catholicism. Death threats, sectarianism, white powder, violence and anti-Irish racism have become the key reoccurring themes of that falling out.

The EDL/BFP might not be taking their politics very seriously, but the BNP most certainly are. Nick Griffin’s been tweeting away this afternoon about “Muslim groming [sic] gangs” targeting “young white girls at apple shops”. As he produces no evidenced of such stupid claims, I guess the good (and very rich) people at Apple will be getting in touch with Mr Grififn about this in the near future. In his defence, Griffin will probably say that an “apple shop” is auld English for the greengrocers. Either way, it’s desperate and dangerous nonsense from the BNP, a party itself of bad babysitters’.

By all accounts there is some growing disquiet in the BNP over just how the campaign for a seat on the London Assembly is progressing. With the leadership having toured the country raising money from the regions to pay for the London campaign, some branches are struggling to pay for their own local election leaflets. Blackburn in particular suffered with seven of those who pledged to stand for the party in May refusing to stand once told they would have to pay for their own leaflets.

Of course, it has not gone unnoticed that the party is desperately pushing their Mayoral (no hope) candidate Carlos “I swing for London” Cortiglia over their real hope, Steve “stud” Squire who heads the party’s list. I guess that someone with potentially damaging (for the BNP) views on the fate of the Falkland Islands is better than whatever it is Squire has to hide.

Dirty tricks are never far away when the BNP is around and their views on postal voting are well known. Still, I’ll make no further comment on this sickening example of the threats and lies that have ‘mysteriously’ been pushed through doors of BME residents in Goresbrook ward in Barking, where there is a by-election next Thursday.

Liverpool Infidels threaten their EDL counterparts

Liverpool Infidels threaten their EDL counterparts


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