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Matthew Collins - 17 04 12
Posh: Paul Weston

Posh: Paul Weston

Nick Griffin is probably one of the world’s most amusing twitters. Often hes’s not sure if he’s tweeting or texting, which is why we often hear that he wants cabbage for dinner or perhaps that Apple (the company, not the fruit) is party to some kind of “groming” (sic) scandal that has prevailed in his rather strange mind.

This morning Nick was up on twitter again in his usual classic way exhibiting what happens when a “great” mind like his, becomes over taxed.

Earlier this month I slipped in an interesting nugget of information in a piece about London BNP, where I mentioned the BNP’s £500,000 windfall. Horrified, the BNP then sent out an email to their members announcing said windfall. I may have even alleged (who knows) that they probably were never going to acknowledge the money.

This morning Nick Griffin is angrily claiming that there are suggestions or rumours that the £500,000 came from the IRA. There is actually no such rumour, though to be fair, the damage that the BNP has done to the Unionist/Loyalist community in the last few years could be described as tantamount to a bomb going off. The IRA themselves however, would hardly be likely to give money to a party like the BNP, would they?

So why the IRA? People may cast their minds back to the activities of Mr David Copeland, who in 1999 planted a bomb in Brixton, London. The bomber, Copeland, was well known to the BNP and its leadership. Instead of helping the police track down the bomber the BNP rather bizarrely pointed the finger at the IRA who were at the time on ceasefire. The BNP gave absolutely no help to the police in apprehending their former member who went onto bomb and kill two more times.

So what is Griffin actually hiding? What is there to hide about Albert Edward Starmore who left the BNP’s treasurer a house in Chingford, North East London? Perhaps he wants to throw the family off the scent? It wouldn’t be the first time the NF or the BNP has done such a thing.

And then Griffin tweets “Ulster is British forever” which is of course not technically accurate, let alone true. Six counties of Ulster are currently under British rule/administration as part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but the other three counties of Ulster remain (happily) part of Ireland. And as part of the Good Friday Agreement, the six counties will remain part of the United Kingdom for only as long as the people who live there, want it to remain.

Of course, Nick wouldn’t know that as his party managed to score some of the lowest results ever when it stood in the province, so has absolutely no idea about Northern Ireland, other than how he and his party can screw a few more quid out of people there.

Still, if Griffin is struggling with his grey matter, spare a thought for his rival Paul Weston who heads up the EDL’s almost moribund political wing the British Freedom party (BFP).

Weston is so posh, he makes Oxbridge educated Griffin sound positively common. Weston gave an interview the other day to a sympathetic news team from “Just Right” media who were trying to build the failed former UKIP candidate up as some kind of Statesman. During the almost one hour long bore-fest (to be fair, he has an admirable selection of tipples on display) Weston waxed lyrical about his new party and about what wonders they would achieve after these coming elections.

So far so good (if not a little boring.) . Weston then claims that the BFP are going to achieve all kinds of wondrous things including standing in every seat at the next General Elections and of course, the next set of European Elections too. The problem is though, Weston is unsure of how many seats there are at Westminster as he finds it “so hard to keep up” with such important things.

But rest assured, he might not know how many seats there are at Westminster, but he will be standing candidates for the House of Lords, that’s if people do stand for election to the house, right? Or, as the interviewer asks “under their system or proportional representation”.

“To be honest, I don’t know anything about that at all” answers the defender of our supposed Christian, moral, country.


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