Death of a party…?

Matthew Collins - 21 04 12
Watmough & Jones in happier times

Watmough & Jones in happier times

Nothing cheers us up more than knowing that Kevin Watmough is having a bad day.

“Little” Kev is the administrator of the vile ‘Redwatch’ website that harasses and threatens people he and his Nazi mates do not like, by printing their personal details on line.

These people included doctors, nurses, MP’s, actors and just about anyone that contributes to a decent and fair society.

Of course, Kev isn’t so brave himself. He once sent his Mother and sister out to confront a television news crew on his doorstep who were there to ask why it is that Kev thinks it is right to do what he does. Kev hid behind the curtains while his sister threatened to set the family dog on the reporter.

Nor is Kev brave enough to put his own face up front to stand for what it is he believes in. Kev’s been in just about every moronic Nazi grouping that has ever existed from C18, NF, the BNP and a host of other groups you have probably never heard of, but never once has he stood for election.

After more than twenty years of mediocrity, during which time it appears he has never once had a job, Kev now leads his own organisation, the BPP (British People’s Party). You may have heard of it of course, particularly if you know about the Nazi penchant for violence and paedophilia .

Kev’s party used to have three members. Even Kev’s wife, Katherine Dermody a hard line racist and neo Nazi in her own right, will not join the party in case it has a detrimental effect on her care home business that she runs in West Yorkshire.

Today, the party has only two members. Nazi boy David Jones has been expelled after Kevin had enough of him. It wasn’t the running around with a swastika you understand, that is perfectly acceptable behaviour. No, it was running around with Claire Khaw, a Chinese woman and her BNP boy friend that was the final straw.

Word reaches us (funnily enough via Khaw’s partner Jeffrey Marshall who always leaves little titbits on our blogsite) that Dave’s been kicked out of the party. I mean, she might be a vile, racist specimen herself, but she ain’t white and Kevin’s had enough.

Khaw herself seems quite happy with the result. She has high hopes for her little Nazi friend. She describes posing with guns and swastikas while out with Dave as some kind of model for far-right electioneering.

How the BNP will feel about Khaw’s boyfriend Jeffrey Marshall, the BNP’s East London organiser joining Jones and Khaw campaigning in Todmorden when the BNP were out campaigning in London today, remains a mystery.

Perhaps he’ll be expelled like his friend Dave Jones?

Claire Khaw

Claire Khaw


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