More work for Griffin’s legal team?

Matthew Collins - 21 04 12
Holden: The BNP love blokes like this

Holden: The BNP love blokes like this

I do hope that Nick Griffin’s offer to a variety of naughty neo-Nazis to “get in touch” when they’re refusing to be “Zionist puppets” was genuine.

Heavens knows there’s dozens of racist attacks up and down the country almost every day where some little old Asian lady gets her head kicked in or kids get attacked because of their colour in this fight against the mysterous powers of ZOG (the supposed ‘Zionist Occupied Government.) One only has to look at how many BNP members get sent to jail for such “revolutionary” acts of defiance to know, that it is best that such cases really do get dealt with by the BNP’s legal team. Just ask Marmite how good the BNP legal team is.

I guess Kenny Holden will be the next cab off the rank for the BNP’s legal beagles. Kenny is just another one of those people that Griffin thinks is just another decent chap, the sort that this country’s fine reputation is built on.

is it any wonder decent people from across the political spectrum refuse to share platforms with the BNP?

Kenny: A "patriot", apparently

Kenny: A "patriot", apparently


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