The BNP Organiser & The War Criminal

Matthew Collins - 26 04 12
Shaun Grimsley

Shaun Grimsley

I wrote at the beginning of March about the new Cannock BNP organiser Shaun Grimsley and the fact that he is an unabashed hardline Neo Nazi.

Grimsley was promoted to the job of organiser by West Midlands BNP chief Alwyn Deacon after previous Cannock organiser Bill Vaughan stepped down due to ill health. You can read more about that here.

Shaun Grimsley, was also the West Midlands commander of the openly Neo Nazi British Freedom Fighters along with being a member of the National Front and associated with Blood and Honour, the Nazi skinhead organisation.

Having previously stood as a BNP candidate, Grimsley also has links to the English Defence League and post such delights on his Facebook page as “Hail the British Freedom Fighters, I am a Nazi HAHAHAHAHAHA 88 red scum”. The number 88 is in reference to the numerical position in the alphabet of “HH” – Heil Hitler.

Grimsley makes little attempt to hide his Nazi sympathies, consequently we like to keep a close eye on him, and once again Shaun never fails to let us down.

It seems one of Grimsley’s biggest heroes is General Vjekoslav “Maks” Luburić.

To be honest, Luburić was a name I was unfamiliar with, so when Grimsley posted a photo of him on his Facebook page with the text “Never forgotten Nationalist Brother and comrade 88” I thought it would be worth looking him up and I was shocked with what I found.

General Luburić was a Croatian Ustaše general and commander of the Croatian Jasenovac concentration camp, the largest extermination camp in occupied Yugoslavia during World War II, and among the largest extermination camps in Europe.

From August 1941 to April 1945, hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Romas, as well as anti-fascists, were murdered at Jasenovac. Estimates of the total numbers of men, women and children killed there range from 300,000 to 700,000.

In his role of Commander of Jasenovac, Luburić acquired a reputation for being the most bloodthirsty and brutal of all Ustaše commanders and would frequently travel to the camp to personally take part in the mass executions.

After the war, Luburić managed to escape to Hungary and later to Spain where he took refuge and helped form a terrorist organization called the “Croatian National Resistance” which was heavily involved in racketeering, attempted murder, extortion, hijacking, terrorist bombing, and other violent crimes and sought out criminal organization ties with La Cosa Nostra, the Provisional IRA, and the Croatian Mafia.

Grimsley, goes on to boast how he is friends with Luburić’s grandson who is an officer in the Croatian army.

As shocked as I was to have read all this, I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

Maxim Luburić, grandson of General Luburić appeared on Grimsley’s Facebook page, thanking the BNP man for his kind words about his grandfather.

Chillingly, Maxim claims his grandfather has been demonised, but then goes on to crack jokes about scaring of “reds” by showing them photos of dead Communists killed by his grandfather in the Croatian concentration camps that Luburić commanded.

Maxim Luburić, then goes on to invite Shaun Grimsley to come for a holiday in Croatia and stay at one of his apartments that he owns in the Croatian city of Split, with which Grimsley replies “Would love to but if the reds got hold of it ?”

Bad news Shaun, we have !


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