Sex, lies and outright hypocrisy

Matthew Collins - 30 04 12
Robinson: He's no "politician" allegedly

Robinson: He’s no "politician" allegedly

Hope Not Hate’s Nick Lowles sent out an email this morning calling on our supporters to make one last push to stop and where applicable, remove the BNP/NF/BFP/EDP etc.

For Londoners the focus is not so much the BNP’s sex-swinging, faux Falkland Islands-loving Carlos Cortiglia who is their rather amusing choice for Mayor, but Steve Squire, a Soho pornographer who heads the BNP’s list for a seat on the London Assembly. Squire’s “crime” is not selling a few fruity dramatisations about randy taxi drivers and their roadside shenanigans, but actually the sale of the date rate drug GHB.

Not bad for a party that prides itself on campaigns against grooming, eh? Still, one law for the rich and all that..

As for the “rich”, the line allegedly being driven by the BNP internally is that they have spent their filthy lucre on one million newspapers for their London campaign. That would work out at an expensive 50p per copy (if that’s true).

For the many BNP members who come onto this page to find out what is going on in their party, let me assure that it is highly unlikely that the party has printed and distributed anywhere near one million newspapers in London. My own personal estimate is that it would actually be about 250,000 copies of their “election special” that were printed and here we are three days from polling and they are still sitting on 150,000 copies of the said paper, and no Londoner that I know has actually received one. Actually, it’s an “educated” guess, but that’s a different matter… I should also point out that by using a non-unionised printer (unlike us), in say Livingston in Scotland for instance, the BNP’s newspaper would be more likely to cost about 13p per copy. A million would be down to about 9p, but hey, it’s just an educated “guess”.

Talking of education, when will the BNP ever learn? Three of the BNP’s candidates in London alone are involved in some kind of (separate) sex scandals while everywhere else they seem to be falling like the proverbial bowling pins. Armed police are kicking in doors while local newspapers getting right to grips with the true nature of the candidates that the BNP have deemed worthy to soil the electoral process.

One of them, John Hurren has even emailed to tell us “my views are not hate filled. They are just common fact.” These are his “facts”

It’s fair to say that as the BNP has shrunk to such depths they are right back to being more of a criminal conspiracy then they ever were a political party. Their leader Nick Griffin has been feeling the pressure too. He’s launched a series of attacks over the last few day’s on Britain’s other “Fuhrer” the EDL’s tin-pot Tommy Robinson. Having failed to secure a love-in with Lennon while both their gangs of thugs were trying to terrorise Hyde last month, Griffin is back attacking Robinson on twitter like some spurned lover. Lennon confirms of course that he himself is no “politician” and has offered to give Griffin a “slap”. This should be a corker should it eventuate; Griffin is a “boxing blue” and Tommy is quite nimble on his feet too.

Three days to go until polling, and there is a lot more to come…


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