BNP Mayoral Candidate met members of the SS

Sarah Archibald - 02 05 12
Carlos Cortiglia

Carlos Cortiglia

It seems even the BNP are now deeply embarrassed by their London mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia.

We wrote last week about the BNP’s poorly made election broadcast for London where Carlos Cortiglia failed to appear in the footage and in fact wasn’t even mentioned by name.

We also wrote recently about Cortiglia’s colorful past where he posted a large volume of messages to “Adult” groups on what was known as Usenet before it was taken over by Google Groups. Among the groups frequented by Cortiglia were several involving Swinging, though he seemed to have no partner to take to swinging parties with him.

The most damaging revelation about him is that Uruguayan Cortiglia allegedly offered to fight for Argentina against Britain during the Falkland’s War in 1982. You can still read the Interview online with the Argentinian newspaper La Nación, where Cortiglia said “I am Argentine Eastern, or in other words, Uruguayan of birth, and I feel very bound emotionally to the Argentine Republic. In 1982 I offered myself as a volunteer to go to the Malvinas.”

If that wasn’t damaging enough, one day before the polls open and more damaging revelations have come to light about Cortiglia’s past.

In 2005, writing about World War 2 on the internet site of the German broadcaster “Deutsche Welle”, Cortiglia wrote: “My family was pro-German and was a leading family within the National Party headed by Luis Alberto de Herrera. ”

He continued “The family of my ancestor former Senator of the National Party – General Dionisio Coronel – had slaves”.

Two years later Cortiglia set up his own blog on The Daily Telegraph’s website. He later deleted this, but unfortunately for him we can still access postings via its web cache.

In 2007 Cortiglia wrote an entry titled “How Britain Helped the Nazis”. Cortiglia wrote “In the 1970’s I met former German officers, amongst them some SS commanders, in Montevideo”.

A day later, Cortiglia commented on his own article: “I met them [the SS] in person and they and by they you know who I mean lived free and without any restrictions with full knowledge of the Latin American governments”.

In 2007 Cortiglia also wrote that “My father used to say that everything German was better and the best in the world.I grew up listening to him saying that he hated Hitler because “he did not finish the job”.

We’ve included the grabs of Cortiglias comments should he once again claim the comments are nothing but a “left wing smear”, or perhaps a Jewish Conspiracy of some sort.


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