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Matthew Collins - 02 05 12
Clive "Rodney" Jefferson: He's the brains!

Clive "Rodney" Jefferson: He’s the brains!

Today, Nick Griffin has been hard at it, and I do not mean a Chicken Korma, either.

The BNP has had a quite quiet campaign. What with lack of leaflets, few members, sex scandals, swinging parties, date rape drugs, sex shops, filthy candidate pictures being leaked on the net, assault, stalking, theft, violence, and armed police to contend with, is it a surprise they have hardly done much?

So the leader Griffin has been out and about in London today. It’s not his favourite place. Too many black people for his liking if I recall. Some parts of London even look like Kenya according to the one-eyed pig farmer from Wales. It was only two years ago he fled the count in Barking and Dagenham saying that London was “lost”.

I also recall that B&D was lost partly because even the white voters there did not like him much.

Still, it’s all hand to the pump for the BNP in these last two days of electioneering and they are not a happy bunch of campers either, in case you did not know.

Clive “Rodney” Jefferson was out in Dagenham this lunch time, looking his usual challenged self. Clive’s the person who has taken it upon himself to run the BNP’s campaign this year. He’s put everything the BNP had (or at least claimed they had) into their campaign, but it just is not working for them. Despite lie after lie to their members that they were doing really well, the Party’s full time bore and connoisseur of bargain bangers Simon Darby, began the unpleasant task of talking the party’s hopes down yesterday.

Simon too felt there were just too many black people in London, basically. Of course, the BNP insistes that it’s not half as racist as it used to be. Griffin has done almost everything to try and convince us of that, except actually go out and kiss a black baby, have black people visit his house or even acknowlegde that he loves to slip a bit of Barry White on the CD player when he’s eating a curry in his favourite car park in Kent.

One of the other problems with being a BNP member is of course, being a little bit dim or daft. Also, most people seem to have far longer memories than BNP members. Who could forget the daftie David Orr ? He forgot to put in the BNP’s nomination forms for Scotland, meaning that Scotland really is the lucky country this year as the BNP are not standing there..

Orr tried to blame a non existent change in election date for his stupidity. What with that being nearly a whole month ago, Orr is sat at home lambasting the silly people who did manage to get their nominations in on time. In fact, Orr is now absolutely certain that he did the right thing: “We are not even asking for your support in Scotland this year, just your support” he writes.

Yes, David. That’s because you forgot.

Orr: He's a bit daft...

Orr: He’s a bit daft…


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