Where’s the honour?

Matthew Collins - 07 05 12
Al Francis: Surrendered his mobile phone

Al Francis: Surrendered his mobile phone

Plenty of EDL members have spent the last two days complaining about their near wash-out in Luton.

Still, even if the EDL is becoming a smaller organisation, it most certainly isn’t perfectly formed.

Al Francis works hard for the “cause”. When he’s not helping out the EDL or his party the BNP, he’s marching with the National Front. Al does these things no doubt because he feels the white man is some sort of superior being; the sort of person one can trust.

Far be it for me to tell Al he’s wrong, he could just ask himself this morning about how he feels about his mates in the EDL’s Essex division.

One of his fellow “Crusaders” pinched the mobile phone of Al’s wife, Shirley when they were on the Essex Division’s coash. That’s very uncomradely of them, particularly as an HTC Wildfire mobile phone weighs in at over £100!

Despite appeals for its return, it appears not only was the phone not returned to Al and Shirley, the cheeky bugger who stole it then went and used Shirley’s internet too!

Not only is there no honour among thieves, it appears there is very little among thugs either.


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