Guess who came to dinner?

Matthew Collins - 30 05 12
Khaw: All Brons needs now is the kiss of death?

Khaw: All Brons needs now is the kiss of death?

Such a good job does Claire Khaw do at ruining the political careers of even the most ardent of those left in the tiny British Nazi scene, some people have written to us questioning whether she is somehow in our secret employment.

Not that we would ever comment on such things either way, but it does make one wonder whether it is worth starting an irregular column about the dining and social habits of the far-right?

Claire’s appearance at a function in Newcastle last week so soon after the demise of her former best friend David “lonesome Nazi” Jones, has ruffled a few feathers.

Indeed, the Nick Griffin camp inside the BNP are absolutely delighted that Khaw chose to support Griffin’s bitter rival, the MEP Andrew Brons, the man who came within a whisker of beating Griffin in last year’s bitter leadership battle to become the leader of Britain’s fastest shrinking political party.

Khaw attended and was (coincidentally) photographed next to the rather uncomfortable looking Brons at another of his ill attended “Unity” meetings. These “Unity” meetings are in reality a get together for those who can still be bothered with hating Nick Griffin instead of getting a real life. They were all there too; Holocaust deniers, perverts, race haters and violent thugs. In fact, it was pretty much an exact mirror of a “mainstream” BNP meeting.

Brons has been relatively quiet of late, fearing he is facing the same fate of the BNP’s founder and former leader John Tyndall, who was feted in pretty much the same way by the same bunch of Jew hating cranks once he fell out of favour with Nick Griffin too. Even in death Tyndall cannot escape them.

So here he is, the man who could not save the BNP from Nasty Nick, sitting next to a woman who is basically the kiss of death to any Nazi she throws her weight behind. She wrote earlier today how she sometimes feels “like some Old Testament prophet.” Nice job, Claire.

So, join us next week, when Claire dines with Tommy Robinson in Nando’s…


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