Hooligan’s worthless Worthing secret revealed.

30 05 12
Jeff Marsh

Jeff Marsh

Despite rumours that he had fallen off his perch as it were ‘Casuals United’ supremo Jeff Marsh continues to think he is one step ahead of the game as he and his ilk plot to attack a UK Uncut event in Brighton this weekend.

However, we can reveal the plans by far-right thugs to attack progressives in Brighton on June 2nd.

The Cardiff City football hooligan has been playing a game of cat and mouse, even publishing false meet up details for his venture to the South Coast from where March For England and their fans in the EDL were chased away last month.

Unfortunately for Marsh, a fake account on various internet forums to garnish details about the UK Uncut event has provided him with only some very minor details and his main concern is that he and his “crew” could be outnumbered.

Not only does Marsh have absolutely no intention at all of meeting up at the Yates Wine Lodge in Brighton, he and his closest and moronic followers have booked themselves in for a long weekend in nearby (and cheaper) Worthing from the Friday night, which is where they are planning on actually staying and causing most of their misery and mayhem for the weekend. So far he and six others are booked into a hotel in the sleepy town. He’s been desperately ringing around to get others to join him.

Any actual soiree into nearby Brighton by Marsh and co will be decided by local hooligan “spotters” employed by Marsh to make sure that the numbers are in his favour should he actually decide to go ahead with the attack.

Marsh’s gang are planning to leave Worthing early on Saturday morning after a curry [I kid ye not] the night before, making their way to Brighton and to a different venue than advertised to meet up with their fellow gang members.

Another six fascist hooligans from Manchester will join Marsh and co in Brighton on Saturday morning and London and Essex EDL’s will bolster their numbers by travelling from London Bridge and Victoria train stations.

The south London EDL team, notorious for battering pensioners, will be discussing their battle plans in a meeting on Thursday night in the Charlie Chaplin pub at the Elephant and Castle after first redirecting their hooligans from nearby Borough Tube Station.

Marsh is even bragging this morning that he has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. Well, not any longer.


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