Far-right roundup

Matthew Collins - 05 06 12
Lennon: Saves the day..

Lennon: Saves the day..

EDL boss Stephen Lennon laid on a few sausage rolls and an inflatable castle by all accounts over the long weekend. No, this wasn’t some kind of EDL assault course (they’d pass with flying colours if it was,) it was apparently a gift for his neighbours. Out came the bunting and a jolly good knees up was had by all, according to Stephen’s account of the weekend. I’m sure his neighbours were delighted and the constant intrusion into their lives by football hooligans, armed police and angry Jihadists will all have been forgiven and forgotten.

That is of course, unless you did not fancy taking part in Stephen’s shindig. For those around the country who would prefer an elected head of state Stephen also laid on a treat for them. The Mob boss sent his finest gang of thugs, drug addicts and football hooligans out onto the streets of Newcastle to let off rockets, Nazi salutes and assault people that he does not agree with.

Yes, this is the same EDL who claim they’re defending democracy, freedom of speech etc, etc. A very happy Stephen even took time out to doth his cap to his troops and their close friends in the National Front.

Courts in the North West of the country continue to deal with the results of ongoing EDL violence. One court heard how these tough guys turn up [pissed] and unannounced and begin to unleash their terror on anyone they do not like. Of course, sentencing them is pretty difficult as their “Commanders” always seem to be unwell when it comes to taking their punishment like “men”.

Casuals United made it down to Brighton last weekend, but their leader was none too happy when we revealed his plans in advance. All bravado aside, Jeff Marsh was later reported to have holed himself up in a Brighton pub and told anyone who would listen how he was much harder than Stephen Lennon etc, etc. EDL News then reported how he tried to jump over a pub wall to escape from angry locals.

There was almost merde most foul from the BNP, BFP and the Front National of France, when it was reported that Madonna screened a video during one of her concerts that depicted FN leader Marine Le Pen with a Swastika on her head.

The EDL’s own ageing pop-tart was just desperately trying to get pissed but it would appear what with all the sausage rolls the EDL forked out for, there was just not enough left to keep poor old “Anglo Saxon” in Belgium beer.

Talking of Belgium beer, Brussels based Nick Griffin managed something akin to a stoic silence over allegations made to an Irish newspaper that he and a few others have been up to naughties with the party’s monies. Griffin’s notorious attack dogs lost their bark somewhat mainly because they too know, that all is going to be revealed later this month in a court in Carlisle.

To lighten the mood somewhat, Griffin’s ever loyal lap dog Simon Darby decided that the members should also get their hands on some of the BNP’s cash and proudly announced on his blog that some “lucky” punter had won a massive tenner on the BNP lottery!

And finally, the “New Right” managed to get some bizarre rabbi to address their most recent meeting of Jew haters.

Later this month their splinter group IONA are meeting in Ashford, Kent so one can expect someone equally as daft to be alighting the train from Europe to discuss how the century before last, was possibly the best yet.

Mob Boss: Lennon loves his boys to dish it out

Mob Boss: Lennon loves his boys to dish it out


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