The Empire Strikes Back

Matthew Collins - 07 06 12
Mortimer: Head of the EDL "Angels"

Mortimer: Head of the EDL "Angels"

Being a public spirited type of person, I thought this morning’s blog about the internal personality clashes of the hooligans that orbit the world of debauched thuggery that is the EDL would help them to sort their grievances out and get them back to the very important business of smashing up the country they so love and and its international reputation.

I was so wrong. Not only did EDL Fuhrer Stephen Lennon ban me from making admiring glances at him via the good services of Twitter, his aides and friends decided to launch bitter and stinging attacks on Jeff Marsh, leader of the rival ‘Casuals United’. (I say “rival”, but it appears that Casuals united is only Jeff Marsh and his wife and a few EDL types who like to put in some overtime when the rest of the EDL are sleeping or in court.)

Perhaps Lennon should change his name to Touché Turtle? Despite fighting wars on many different fronts, calling or comparing him to ‘Hitler’ could well see you blocked on Twitter!

The EDL’s PR woman Donna Mortimer was so incensed by our blog that she spoke to Lennon and then launched an attack on Marsh. According to Mortimer, Marsh has as good as bitten the hand that feeds. The bill for the disastrous Casuals United outing to Brighton has apparently been sent to the EDL. And though Marsh is complaining that the EDL have not supported him, Mortimer clears that up straight away.

Mortimer claims that the EDL allowed their members to go to demonstrations organised by Marsh in Blackpool over the Charlene Downes affair. Few people appear to have noticed that the EDL has pulled away of late from campaigning for the family. In part this is because the family have moved so close to the BNP, but EDL insiders are saying Lennon is also unhappy about allegations made about the rather chaotic life surrounding some of those involved in the campaign and the story in the Guardian, about the unfortunate home life of Downes.

To complicate matters, there is some surprising concern within the EDL leadership about their demonstration in Rochdale this weekend. Bradford EDL may be meeting up at 08.30am for a few drinks before hand, but elsewhere other divisions are reporting an expected lower than usual turn out for a national event.

Part of the problem is the fact that the BNP, NF and the Infidels will be in nearby Blackpool with the Downes family on the same day. And Robinson is not in the mood for people like Marsh to muddy his waters either.

Lennon gave permission for his PA Hel Gower to launch an attack on Marsh and it seems that Lennon will want this problem sorted sooner rather than later.

nb: For those who do not know, Lennon and Robinson are the same person

Lennon: Not a happy bunny/turtle

Lennon: Not a happy bunny/turtle


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