Sick BNP Activist Jokes About Murdered Children

Matthew Collins - 23 06 12
Eddie Gibbons

Eddie Gibbons

I couldn’t help but feel deeply upset by the TV footage of the funerals of those poor children who perished in a house fire in Derby back in May.

The tiny coffins of the Philpott chidren Duwayne, 13, Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jessie, six, and five year old Jayden were brought to St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Derby on six horse drawn hearses.

The parents of the children, Mick & Mairead Philpott have been charged with murder and have been remanded in custody.

However, one sick minded London BNP activist seems to find the whole distressing event amusing to the point of cracking jokes at the expense of the murdered children.

Eddie Gibbons, a BNP member from Greenwich posted on his Facebook page ” I was really shocked and angered to hear that Mick Philpott had set fire to his house and killed his kids. How the fuck can he afford petrol on benefits ?”

Later he also posted ” Give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day. Give him a canister of petrol and wait till his kids are asleep, problem solved !! ”

The BNP will no doubt fall over themselves with the normal excuses. They will claim he was never a member of the BNP (He is) They will claim his Facebook account was hacked (It wasn’t).

What Nick Griffin and the BNP will not do however, is condemn Eddie Gibbons, nor will they disown Gibbons or expel him from the BNP.


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