No Bangers or Boozers.

Matthew Collins - 11 07 12
Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis

With the Bristol EDL demo fast approaching the EDL leadership has cracked the whip and told their errant members to behave.

First up was a ban on alcohol with the Bristol EDL leadership declaring their demo a “Dry” event.

East Midlands EDL organiser Tony Curtis posted on his Facebook page “As u are prob aware by now Bristol has been declared a dry event and I for one respect the organisors for that so if I see anyone pissed up and giving anyone including the OB abuse they will get a round of f#cks and be made to apologise~nuff said!”

He continued ” i have personally had to get drunks away from confronting the OB at demos and at Hyde I saw a woman who was absolutely wasted being helped along by her friends in full view of the press~as I said there is nothing wrong with a couple of tinnies on the bus but what I have witnessed in recent events is simply not acceptable~if people behaved responsibly rules wouldn’t need to be imposed~those who’s heart is with the cause won’t have a problem with it.”

“there are people who think that demo day is just a big piss up and who continue to drag decent EDL supporters through the gutter with their pissed up actions”

This will no doubt be a huge hammer blow to most of the EDL members as the vast majority appear to have had a skinful when the demo finally starts and most seem to object to being told what to do, especially by the EDL leadership.

Just as they were getting over their enforced sobriety, the EDL leadership issued another decree. This time no fireworks.

Following the prosecution of North East EDL thug Anthony Crawford for throwing fireworks, leaving one victim with facial burns The EDL leadership laid down the law yet again to its already unhappy members.

“Please also note that the use of fireworks/bangers at Bristol is banned and will be at all future events. The use of these is against the law and in view of the recent terrorist threats to the EDL and the arrests recently made of Muslims intending to attack the Dewsbury demo the Police have stated that any fireworks/bangers used will result in firm policing by them given the current terrorist threat level.”

This upset a number of EDL regulars including one Ben Schofield who wrote ” sounds like we are having to bow down yet again because of muzzie bastards no way NFSE. Give an inch we’ve lost no fuckin way NS”

The last word goes to the previously mentioned Anthony Crawford who wrote ” Guess ill leave my bangers at home huh?”

Pity he didn’t do that in Newcastle.


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