The Bristol EDL Demo: An Eyewitness Speaks.

Matthew Collins - 15 07 12
Bristol yesterday.

Bristol yesterday.

Just as the EDL were claiming that their demo in Bristol was a huge success despite its tiny turn out, it seems violence has once again reared its ugly head within the ranks of the EDL.

Yesterday saw 16 arrests and one EDL supporter from Swindon saw the darker side of the English Defence League on a train journey from Bristol to her home town in Swindon.

Posting on the Facebook wall of EDL regular Gil Gould aka Mick Wittman, here is Lisa-Faye-Stokes’ account from yesterday.

Remember she is an EDL supporter!

“I have supported EDL from day 1 but was disgusted with the behaviour yesterday, I had to work in Bristol so couldn’t go to Demo I was a bit peeved but thank god now! I had the unfortune of having too share a train with what I can only describe as drunken yobs who clearly all they wanted was a fight the journey from Bristol to swindon was so bad that many people up graded to 1st class including myself when we arrived in to Swindon 1 such tosser got off the train and actually hit a women who was at least 60yrs old totally unprovoked, If it wasn’t for the fact that I was stood behind her and jumped in front to stop her getting another smack i don’t know what would of happened the Idiot then started Chanting EE EDL and picked up a yellow wet floor sign and smashed it against the wall, him and his mates were pushing and trying to start fights with other passengers who were leaving the station. I walked up to the top of the steps to wait for my taxi and 2 Gay lads were walking along with a gay pride flag another Twat asked him if he was UAF the lad replied who? and explained he had just come from the gay pride day in Bristol the yob then smashed him in the face whilst all his EDL mates stood there laughing and egging him on. My taxi then turned up he was a Asian man and a sikh def not a Muslim yet same idiots started abusing him and luckily he sped off. do these Idiots not realise they do more to damage our cause in 10 mins then UAF can in a life time??? hence why no1 will ever take EDL seriously and will always see them as drunken yobs, If there isn’t a drinks ban during marches then your fighting a loosing battle. I now will step away from EDL as I would never want to be associated with such barbaric behaviour just as bad as the scummy muslims you are demonstrating against!”


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