Jeff Marsh a war of words

Matthew Collins - 23 07 12
Marsh: More ups and downs than a fairground ride

Marsh: More ups and downs than a fairground ride

Cardiff based football hooligan Jeff Marsh has started his war of words with the EDL again. Marsh often gets a little shirty with the EDL when he is not feeling loved or suddenly over indulges in whatever it is that over stimulates his sense of superiority. He normally comes crashing back to earth once the EDL bite back, becoming paranoid and claiming that he has been misrepresented.

The recent Bristol demonstration by the EDL was one of their smallest yet. Despite being as good as on Marsh’s doorstep, his secret army of designer hooligans who organise under the name “Casuals United” failed to materialise in any great numbers, much to the chagrin of the EDL leaders who are becoming more and more concerned about the growing downturn in their own numbers.

Marsh has now been pushing the writings of a ‘mysterious’ internet blogger called “Cardiff Lad” who has taken to complaining about Transsexuals and black people with dreadlocks appearing on the EDL’s shrinking demonstrations.

The mysterious “Cardiff Lad” is also suggesting that the EDL need just 200 people in matching shirts and pants and must be “marching in step and in lines and columns down the road in front of the main demo and that will shake the fucking establishment to it’s core!”

Having openly pushed the veiled attack on the EDL leadership, Marsh has been desperately trying (once again) to distance himself from the comments, particularly as Sarah Humbestone, who used to be very close to the EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon and has decided not to sell a particular story to the Daily Star, has taken exception to the blogger.

Still keen to cause problems however, Marsh is now pushing a photograph of boxing personality Jane Couch MBE, seen here with EDL second in command Kevin Carroll.

Couch probably has no idea whatsoever who Carroll is, but Marsh is keen to make sure everyone sees it because he says he has no means of contacting Carroll.

Jane Couch MBE: About to be the victim of another publicity sting?

Jane Couch MBE: About to be the victim of another publicity sting?


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