Far-right round up: Treats and retreats

Matthew Collins - 27 07 12
Griffin: he farms pigs.

Griffin: he farms pigs.

Ok, for those who missed it (how could you?!!) here’s the chap from last weekend in Liverpool who went to shout abuse at some people but found his Dutch courage seeping into his underpants! One of the commets left on our blog in response to this pic was “so what, **** happens”. Yes, it probably did…

It was a good week for the HNH facebook group. Why the mods on there have not rewarded the lovely boys and girls with some freebies will have to be rectified immediately.

Late last Friday we broke that the EDL were planning to hold a flash demo in Chelmsford in Essex the next day. Hundreds of phonecalls later and by the time the EDL did arrive, they found themselves kettled, hassled and even arrested until they got the message to leave Chelmsford alone and go home.

Up in the Wirral there were red faces too. BNP leader Nick Griffin was less than happy when the hotel he and some of his far-right Nasties were holed up in was notified just whom was feeding their faces on such plush premises.

Things went from bad to worse for Griffin. His new found friends in the Scottish Defence League found themselves getting a “tug” by the Constabulary this morning, forcing Griffin to concede defeat in his plans to hold a rally in the centre of Glasgow. I’m sure however, that our colleagues and Comrades in Glasgow do not need reminding to still remain vigilant tomorrow. And enjoy the sunshine.

How Griffin will fair in Dalkeith instead remains a mystery. It has a very large Irish community by my recollection. His party certainly did not fair very well in Stoke last night, did they?

It wasn’t just Griffin and the BNP beating the retreat either. The EDL might be getting smaller and smaller, but I guess still not small enough for the leadership. Just in case there was anyone left in the group not pissed off with the spectacular decline of the criminal gang, Stephen Lennon and Kevin Carroll took it upon themselves to meet with the police and postpone next month’s proposed march/demo/riot in Walthamstow. The reason given is that neither of them can [be bothered to] attend the original date. Anyone who says this is because there is a lads holiday planned on that date for the nearest and dearest to the leadership, is being uncharitable.

Of course, the minute you mention growing disquiet in the EDL they get very upset. The worst offenders are the parasites of Casuals United. Everytime we do them the service of helping air their pretty grievances and Jeff Marsh’s notorious paranoia they deny it. No change after this week’s war of words which despite the proof, Marsh is denying. Good for him. He’s been at it again today, even deleting friends from his secret internet group, terrifed that he could be being “betrayed” to us by his friends.

So, it’s lucky we did not catch him once more, saying nasty things about the EDL, it’s leading members etc, etc and put them on here, isn’t it?

Marsh: he does like to waffle on

Marsh: he does like to waffle on


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