Good news for Benny

Matthew Collins - 01 08 12
Benny: Good news for him!

Benny: Good news for him!

The EDL’s political wing the British Freedom Party (BFP) are a rather pleasant contradiction. Campaigning for law and order on one hand; creating riots, inflicting violence and dragging their knuckles off to prison with the other.

The BNP’s leader has had enough of them too. He seems somewhat concerned that they’re going to cause a race riot before his own party, such is the concerns of life in the gutter of British politics.

But could the BFP be even thicker than the BNP? Well, we’ve had cause to believe so before. Fascist leaders in this country might be posh, but really they’re not much better than Harry Enfield’s Tim Nice But Dim and not actually very nice at all.

How’s this latest missive from the BFP: They begin with saying that it would be “irresponsible” for them to encourage people to buy counterfeit clothing. But then they go ahead and encourage people to go ahead and do just that in the case of British clothing company Burberry!

Burberry is popular with posh ladies, the former PM Tony Blair and EDL members like Benny Gaff from Bristol (pictured).

Well, I believe that Burberry could be in the postion to actually sue the BFP for encouraging people to buy counterfeit goods. But why buy counterfeit at all, why not just boycott the label?

Far be it for me to wonder why the EDL’s political wing would be encouraging people to rip off a label that is popular with its members, but some have already suggested that it could be something to do with an apparent roaring trade in hooky gear at EDL demonstrations!!

What with the EDL/BFP joint depty leader Kevin Carroll standing for Police Commissioner, if I was a conspiracy theorist I would suggest that people were being encouraged to fund the BFP by buying counterfeit gear.

But I am not a consiracy theorist and I am sure that it is all a coincidence that fake Burberry clothing has been sold at quite a few EDL rallies around the country.

So let’s stick to the facts we know are true: Burberry are entitled to sue. Perhaps they should google BNP + Marmite to see just what they need to do?

Posh: BFP leader Paul Weston

Posh: BFP leader Paul Weston


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