Griffin restarts the war of words with the EDL

Matthew Collins - 01 08 12

BNP leader Nick Griffin has restarted the war of words with the EDL, only six months after desperately trying to kiss and make up with the EDL during the BNP’s humiliation in Hyde, Greater Manchester when the EDL as good as ran the BNP out of town.

Griffin has never liked the EDL. There’s more of them for a start, and by all accounts EDL leader Stephen Lennon drives a nicer car.

When the EDL began their troublesome life, they tried to fool the public by burning swastikas, something which upset a lot of people in the BNP. Griffin was among the first to describe the EDL as “Zionists” and part of some kind of government plot to usurp the BNP.

The EDL have not been too bothered about the BNP. Lennon does not like Griffin and even threatened to give him a slap after shafting the BNP during their day out in Hyde, the day Griffin decided to rescind the BNP’s proscription of the EDL.

Now Griffin has fought back. In a speech to a collection of his remaining friends and supporters, he has described the EDL and their party the BFP as “sinister” and “ultra-Zionist terrorist sympathisers”, which are the very things that his own opponents have levelled at him in the past.

Surprisingly, Griffin also claims not to be a fan of the EDL’s plans to bring “racial violence on [to] the streets of Britain”, something which Griffin has in fact, long predicted would happen in multiracial Britain anyway.

Of course, much of Griffin’s bitterness is driven by the fact that the only friends he can find actually out on the streets of Britain these days are the Llama harmers of the EDL’s twisted and drug addled competition the ‘Infidels’, who themselves call for a race war and have also aligned themselves to the BNP as the two groups face declining numbers.

Much of what Griffin has said about the EDL will obviously go right over the EDL leadership’s heads’. Griffin has pointed out some of the very sinister things that do lurk in the BFP’s dark backgrounds and for this, those very “puppet masters” he points the finger at during his forty odd minute tirade, will no doubt want to strike back.


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